Dinner Dates

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Niall- 11
Harry- 11
Liam- 19
Louis- 20
Zayn- 28

Requested by @angelbaby198 thank you for the prompt and I hope you enjoy!


Both Harry and Niall didn't like labels. Besides being too young for them, they just didn't understand the meaning of them. Feelings could change in an instant. They could have a crush on a girl one day and then a couple weeks later have a crush on a boy. It just didn't make sense to them, so they labeled themselves as they should; kids.

However, Niall and Harry had crushes on each other at the moment. It had been going on for a couple months now. They went to the same school, and they took glances and smiles at each other in class. And whenever their teachers assigned partners, the two always chose each other. It was very cute.

Harry told his older brothers, Liam and Louis everything that happened between him and Niall; always smiling and blushing when he reminisced about his shockingly blue eyes and beautiful brown hair. The age difference was significant between Harry and his brothers; eight and nine years apart. Liam was nineteen and Louis was twenty. Liam and Louis came from a different marriage their mother, Jay had. Harry had been born in her second relationship, before dying of cancer when Harry was only two.

Daniel, the husband Jay had before dying, was a business man, and had to travel a lot for long periods of time. He sent money to Liam and Louis every month to pay the bills, buy food, and buy anything else they may need. It was very difficult at first for all four of them. Daniel was very nervous for leaving Harry under their care after staying with them for a couple months. Liam and Louis promised that they could handle it. It was hard at first, of course; trying to care for a needy two-year-old, while all of them were still grieving for their mother. Harry didn't fully understand what was going on, but he wondered where his mum had gone for a while. He understands fully now, and everyday his curiosity for finding out more about his mother increases.

Niall's story is also complicated. His parents were Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards. She was only a teen—about to go to college—when she found out she was pregnant. Niall came into the world a very healthy baby. Sadly, at ten months old, Perrie auditioned for the X-Factor and her career went soaring, leaving Zayn alone to care for the infant for months at time, until eventually, they lost all contact with each other. Zayn hasn't heard from her since.

"Hey, Niall!" Harry called, chasing after the boy one day after school. Niall immediately turned around as he watched the curly headed boy run towards him.
"Uh, I know Valentine's Day is this weekend, and I was wondering if you'd like to, uh, come over to my house for dinner." Harry said with a lot more confidence than he anticipated. He watched as Niall looked at him with awe. He had never been asked to have dinner with a someone before. Was this a date? It felt so magical as he felt his heart swell up.
"Of course! I'll have my dad call your brothers as far as times go," Niall explained. Harry nodded with a smile, before going off to find Liam and his car.

Louis, Liam and Zayn were all good friends ever since Niall and Harry started handing out. Though, it was slightly intimidating for the brothers, as this was Niall's actual father. It was at times like these that they wished Daniel was home more.

When the two boys got home, they immediately told their caregivers what happened, and they immediately set up a date for Friday night at 5:30 at Harry's house. The two boys were so excited.

TIME- 5:27 p.m

Zayn pulled into the driveway with three minutes to spare. He may or may not have gotten lost once or twice.

Niall ran up to the rather large house and banged on the door, looking so excited; the happiest Zayn had ever seen him in a while.
"Niall!" Harry squealed, embracing his friend as he and Zayn walked in. "Hi Mr. Malik." Harry greeted, getting slightly shy looking up at the tall man.
"Hey Harry. You can just call me Zayn you know," He explained with a chuckle.
"Okay, Zayn!"

"Hey, Niall, Zayn." Louis greeted, Liam following suite. "Well boys, dinner is all set up in the dining room, so we'll leave you to it." Liam said, leading the other two out of the room.

"How are you?" Harry asked, leading Niall to the dining room. He had helped Liam and Louis with dinner. It wasn't anything fancy; spaghetti, garlic bread, and some greens.

"I'm good, how are you?" Niall replied.
"Good," Harry answered, pulling a chair out for his friend. "Your seat, mi amigo." Harry giggled.

Niall laughed as well, sitting.
"Gracias, Señor Styles." He replied with a giggle. Harry sat down next to Niall with a fond smile.

As the two boys ate, the talked and talked. Talked about what sports they liked, food, movies, all kinds of things. When Niall said that his favourite movie was Mr. Puffer's Penguins, Harry also agreed that it was his favourite movie too, and they should watch it after dinner, seeing as they owned it.

"I'll put it in, you get the ice cream." Harry instructed, fishing the movie out from its place in the cabinet. Niall soon came back with two bowls of chocolate/strawberry ice cream. As the movie started playing, the cuddled up in a blanket on the couch, enjoying their ice cream.

"I had a lot of fun tonight, Haz. Thanks." Niall smiled, leaning over and planting a soft kiss to Harry's plump cheek. Harry immediately blushed, feeling Niall's soft lips on his cheek. They were cold, as the boy was eating ice cream, and it sent a chill down his spine. He had never been kissed before by someone who wasn't in his family, and he felt all fluttery on the inside, as his stomach did happy flips.

"Y-You're, uh, you're welcome!" Harry stuttered, putting his hand where Niall's lips were on his cheek, smiling at him. "I-I think I might, uhm—I might like like you." He exclaimed with a blush.

"I think I might like like you too," Niall blushed also.

Author's Notes-

I have one more Valentine's Day prompt that I hope to have out tomorrow. Sorry it's taken so long with these Valentine's Day ones, but I promise I'll get them done!


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