Chapter 4

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I felt my blood running cold walking myself in a dark street. I clutched onto my shirt as I walked in the dark my boots clicking.

The cold wind blew the dried leaves lightly. I shivered as the cold pierced my skin. I hugged myself and rubbed my arms to keep me warm. I walked almost 6 blocks away from my house.

I texted Janna where the party was and she said that when I hear a loud music booming. That's the sound of the party and a sign will show up that says "Phoenix Rules"

Soon as I took another step, I heard the music boomed in my ears. I followed the sound as it trained me to a... Mansion?

I shrugged off and I saw the sign. And I could hear everyone shouting and dancing peeking through the purple windows.

As I entered inside, it was crowded with people. A strong scent of sizzling grill kissed my nose and my appetite grew cannibal. Then I winced at the sight of a guy vomiting. My appetite was lost and I slowly walked away.

People talking holding a cup of soda and clementine juice,

Yes, call me a party pooper.

I was also greeted by a large swimming pool. Splashing and laughing in the blue crystal water. Snack table hundreds of foods and a chocolate fountain. Which I've never seen before.

I entered back inside and surprised to see another couple hit by Cupid, making out. Can't they just get a room or something?

Shooking it out of my head. I need to look for Janna and Danny. I was still out the backyard with hundreds of people dancing.

So I opened the huge two doors and went inside of the house. I could not express what I just saw inside.

Inside... Is ginormous. I meander inside and was greeted by an unpleasant tune of music which boomed into my ears. And I noticed a bright light blanketed the marbled floor. I looked up stumble upon a big crystal chandelier, almost the size of the house. More like a mansion.

Two velvet wooden staircase decorated in cobwebs circled in the room. A lot more people dance on the dance floor like crazy, lost in the siren's music. And holding a glass of crystal Amber liquor. Probably whiskey...

I wouldn't get myself drunk, because I'm not going to have a one night with a guy that I don't even know. That's what every man and woman does and it's weird.

Until I spotted Janna and Danny on the table talking. I waved up to them and they saw me, they waved at me like crazy to come at them. I chuckled and walked up to them and they hugged me.

"Finally you're here! And damn girl, you look sexy." Danny complemented and I laughed.

"By the way, what took you so long?"

"Ask my mom and she said its fine. As long as it's not one of those drunk parties." I paused.

"Oh, this party is not like any other. It's friendly." Janna sighed happily.

"And uh, have you two seen Cain?"

"Not really," Danny shrugged.

"Wait, what about that bug chip?" I said.

"It's broken," Janna groaned.

"What happened?"

"Well, I was going to take a video of Mason in his bathtub, because he stole all my money! So I tried to videotape him, but then he smashed the bug in the window. Turns out, that son of a bitch is scared of bugs."

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