Prank time

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Armon pov:
I been getting Jilly left to right. Right now we were driving and Jilly wanted me to drop her off to change. I dropped her off and acted like I was going to the store and started the intro. "Isho boy armon" I said. "Treezy you feel me" trey said . "And we finna prank jilly. I'm doing the robbery prank. So what's gonna happen is" i explained the prank and how it was gonna go down. "Watch your language u bony fuck. My baby in this car" I said. I dropped trey off and went to McDonald's to make it seem like I really went to the store. I beeped the horn. She came out kissed me and cardi came out. "Y'all waiting for me" she asked. "Naw" I shook my head and drove off. Then the prank began. "OMGGGGGGGGGGG BAE BAE BAE BAEEEEE" she screamed now in tears. "Shut her up before I blow her brains out" trey screamed making her silently cry. "Jesus Jesus Jesus" she repeated scared for her life as well as me and Armani's. "Bro what do u want. LEAVE US ALONE" I screamed. "Money" trey said. "Pleaseeee pleaseee stop" Jilly said going through one of her many panic attacks".

Time skip
"Trey that's you u bony fuck you got the FUCKIN ELEVENS" Jilly screamed making him run. "DONT DO THAT TOU SCARED ME AND I WAS FINNA HAVE A PANIC ATTACK, SHIT I ALREADY WAS BUT U WAS MAKING IT WORSE." Jilly screamed hitting him. "OW OKAY GIRL OKAYYYYY" trey screamed. By now armani was crying. I did the outro and shut the camera off. "Made my fucking baby cry" she said picking Armani up and walking home. "Bae Get in" I said. " Hell no" she said speeding up. "Baby it was" she cut me off
Her- Issa prank I know nigga I KNOW
Me- bae don't be like that
Her- armon please
Me- bae get in
Her- fine
(Gets in)
We get in and drop Armani off for the weekend to my moms house. We drove to fun plex and stayed till Like 5:00 before going back to our car. In 5 minutes jilly was fast asleep. I knew what was about to happen when she started twisting and turning. "Trey" I whispered. I looked at jilly before the panic attack started.
Trey pov:
I called queen and put everyone on the call. "Meet us at funplex Jilliana having a panick attack. "Say no more"queen said and in minutes she was there. Belcalis jumped out and ran towards me crying. "Sis" she yelled through tears while jazz held a crying and screaming tae.
Armon- hold her get her leg queen GET HER LEG.
Queen- sis calm down
Armon: *sheds a tear as he tries to calm Jilly down*
Queen: baby sis *rubs her arm and strokes her hair.
Cardi: Please trey let gooo *crying*
armon: I have an idea
Queen:what nigga
Armon: sing sing

They sung

Jilly stops screaming but is still kicking.
A- calm down babygirl it's okay
J- slowly stops kicking
A- *caresses her face and kisses her cheek*
J- waking up
A- shhh y'all she waking up
J- what happened
Q- nun boo u straight
J- yeah I'm good
T- asleep
Tr- Let's eat
Ai- yup
A- what
J- red lobster
The girls- agreed
A- nahhh let's get Cheesecake Factory
The boys- yup
The girls- whatever
They go to Cheesecake Factory

 A- calm down babygirl it's okayJ- slowly stops kickingA- *caresses her face and kisses her cheek*J- waking upA- shhh y'all she waking upJ- what happened Q- nun boo u straight J- yeah I'm goodC-snifflesT- asleepTr- Let's eatAi- yupA- whatJ- red lo...

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