Part 7: The Demon sisters pt. 2

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-lucys p.o.v.


'Mira looks like she's seen a ghost' "Hey what's up Mira you've changed alot!" The younger looking Mira said. Elfman came running over with tears in his eyes and practically choked the poor girl to death in a hug. 'What's his deal?' I thought "Um wh-who are you?" I asked confused why everyone's so shocked, the white haired girl turned to me and sent shivers down my spine. Erza jumped and covered my mouth before I could talk more "Hey Lisanna whats up? Sorry about Lucy she's knew!" I bite Erzas hand "Who is this girl?" I whisper to Erza. She sighs "This is lisanna, Mira and elfmans younger sister, and ..'gulp'.. Natsu's g-girlfriend" I glared at lisanna then looked at Natsu who was looking at Lisanna then turned to me seeing me glaring he hid. I marched over there Erza tried to stop me and I grabbed his collar picking him up "Why didn't you tell me you had a girlfriend!" I smiled and hugged him "Did you two... ya know... do it?" I whispered so she couldn't hear.

"No we did not! And put him down" Lisanna yelled walking over to me, "Oh yeah your Lisanna, if you dare touch or hurt my Natsy I'll slay you" Lisanna and I butted head "Who do you think you are Blondie?" She said a tic on her head "Im his sister, Ms

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"No we did not! And put him down" Lisanna yelled walking over to me, "Oh yeah your Lisanna, if you dare touch or hurt my Natsy I'll slay you" Lisanna and I butted head "Who do you think you are Blondie?" She said a tic on her head "Im his sister, Ms. Silverhair" I said smirking "Oh really why didn't he tell me about you then" she smirked back. We both growled at each other spitting off a few more insults before we were split apart by Erza and Mira, "Girls Girls calm down" Mira said. Lisanna and I shooting daggers at each other, "at least im stronger" she whispered I shot her a deadly glare "What did you say?" I said a more deadly aura surrounding me "I said that im stronger" "Oh I think your wrong little girl" "Little girl? Were the same age!" "So what!" I spat back "If you think your so strong let's fight" "Gladly" I said stomping out of the guild. "Wait girls, you don't want to do this. Lisanna you just got back" "So what big sis, my fists been itchin' for a fight" lisanna growled.

- No one's p.o.v.

Lucy went outside the guild and walked toward one side and Lisanna walked to the other side. Master Makarov yelled "3, 2, 1, FIGHT!''

Lucy took off her cloak showing her wings tail and ears, "Oh your an exceed I see" "WHAT THE HELLS AN EXCEED?!" "Ok so not an exceed" Lisanna laughed "Ok let's stop talking and fight" Lucy rolled her eyes "Animal soul: Cat" Lisanns yelled. Lucy smirked "Oh transformation magic I see well to bad for you kitty kitty" Lucy yelled back sticking out her tongue.

Lisanna jumped and tried to scratch Lucy, she disappeared and reappeared behind Lisanna "IRON AND FIRE DRAGON ROAR!" Lucy yelled hitting Lisanna head on, Lisanna stumbled toward Lucy "Animal soul: Bird" and Lisanna turned into a bird and dive bombed Lucy punching her with all her strength leaving a crater beneath Lucy, Erza face palmed knowing that was not gonna work on her. After the dust cleared Lisanna smiled seeing "Lucy" on the ground unconcience and turned back to the crowd "See I told you I was stronger that her" Lisanna said laughing. Lisanna heard giggles coming from behind her and she turned around to see Lucy standing there without a single scratch and turned back to the crater seeing Gemini disappear. Lisanna gulped as Lucy's fist connected to her stomach sending Lisanna back smashing into the guild wall. Lisanna fell back to the ground breathing heavily and spit a clot of blood down on the ground glaring at Lucy who was just floating on a water pad with her eyes closed. Lisanna scoffed and ran toward Lucy, Erza giggled seeing that Lucy was toying with the poor girl. Lisanna went to punch Lucy but blue fire blocked her burning where ever she punched, then Lisanna thru her fist back and punched an ice wall breaking the fingers and wrist. Lisanna flung back cursing under her breath and shaking her hand, Lucy opened her eyes and Lisanna saw Lucy's eyes go from brown to a Scarlet color. Then Lucy surprised everyone by saying "ROYAL DRAGON ROAR!" everyone stood there shocked realizing why she could do all dragon slayer magic. Royal dragons are the Masters of all dragons and has all there powers, so when your trained by one you get all dragon slayer powers anyways.... The roar hit Lisanna head on knocking the wind out of her before making her pass out. And Lucy, Lucy just sat there with her eyes now closed and breathed in deeply and let out a sigh. Before flying to her apartment and shouted to Mira "Sorry Mira, she interrupted my nap!" Lucy giggled flying away. Erza looked at Mira who was shocked and followed after Lisanna who was going to the infirmary, Erza looked at Lucy flying away and followed her to her apartment.

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