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I attempted to roll over to my side but was blocked by something. Panic ran through my body instantly. Things that I knew were that I was on a bed and something was holding me there...

Worst Case Scenario One: Somebody has kidnapped me and is holding me captive on the bed to do Goodness knows what. 

Worst Case Scenario Two: Somebody wants to murder me and thought crushing my body would be a slow and painful death.

I guess there was only one way to find out. I slowly opened my eyes and took in the surroundings. I was in a familiar room. I glanced down, noticing a tan, muscely arm slung over my abdomen.

I sighed in relief and a bubble of laughter left my lips at what my groggy mind had come up with. Slowly, I slid out from underneath Jason's capture. I looked back at him, making sure he hadn't stirred. His face was smooshed into the mattress and his blond, floppy hair trailing over his face. I smiled at him. He was too cute.

It wasn't until I was up and in the shower, before last night's events processed into my still-asleep-groggy mind. I gasped when I remembered what Dr. Nelson had said. My foot slipped out from underneath me and the back of my head connected with the cool tiles behind me. 

"Ouch!" I cried, cradling my head in my hands.

Why did I always do that!?

I sighed deeply. I stepped out, toweled off and wrapped the fluffy material around my body. I emerged out and crouched down next to my bag and rummaged through it. I settled on wearing a long sleeve, red shirt and tight jeans.

After slipping these on, I re-hung my towel back up in Jason's bathroom. Since I hadn't bothered to wet my hair, it was falling down in natural tumbles down my shoulders. I brushed my teeth and splashed the cold water on my face, as though that would help me figure out a solution to this problem. 

How could I break the news to Miranda and Jason?

I sighed, yet again and went back into his room. He was still dead asleep. I fished my phone out from my bag and saw I had two missed calls from Mel and a text message asking where I was. I clutched the phone in my hand and crept out of his room. I tip-toed all the way down the hall and out onto his balcony. Cool air met me, nipping at my exposed face and hands.

I shivered, cursing myself for not packing a jumper in my haste yesterday. I ignored the cold and dialled Mel's number, not caring if it was only eight a.m. She might be awake, she might not. She usually slept pretty late. 

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