XXIII: Forgiveness

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~Lauren's POV:

I entered the cafeteria feeling nervous. I stood there searching for Isabel, and I found her sitting in her usual table laughing at whatever Skye had said. I still despise that step sister of mine.

I decided to just wing it. I made my heart in control of my mind. I walked towards Tom's table. "Babe!" he calls out happily.

"Asshole!" I remarked. I'm really frustrated and stressed right now. He frowns at me. His face is so ugly. I give him a sweet smile, and climbed on top of the lunch table.

"Lauren, what are you doing?" Tom sneers at me.

"Something I was suppose to do," I replied.

"Ahem! May I have your attention please?" I yelled out. Chatters started to fade, but not completely. "I have something to say," I announced. I felt nervous yet I put up a strong composure. "Tom here," I gestured towards the asshole, "has no balls!"

People started to laugh, and I felt really good. "He's afraid of rejection and is a psycho stalker," I said, and took an open carton of milk, and poured it on top of his head. He grits his teeth.

"He can't accept the fact that I fell for someone else... Someone better," I turned my head to meet the green eyes of the girl. I literally melted "I hurt her because I was scared. Yes, I used to bully and make those of the lgbt community lives a hell, but I regret it. I was a monster, but this monster changed for the better. I want to apologize to those I've hurt, especially to Isabel Montes."

I got off the table and started to walk towards her. I ignored all the people around me. The only person I saw was Montes. "I lied, and I'm sorry. I'm not afraid anymore to tell people that I fell for you. Will you forgive me, and be my girlfriend?"

I bit my lip feeling very embarrassed. Sometimes, I'd question my sanity, never in my life had I imagined myself doing this in front of most of the school. I stood there for a few seconds just waiting.

That was until she got up from the chair she's sitting on and spoke, "Yes, in one condition," a smile forms on her face. Great... another task. She looked at me dead in the eyes. "Kiss me," she says huskily.

That's a piece of cake. I took a step closer to her. "Gladly," was my reply before I pulled her into a passionate kiss. Yeah, I'm totally gay for her.

When we pulled apart, we heard another voice. It was Mark the moron. "I want to admit something too," he says, "I'm gay, and I love Benjie Eric Ray." Mark walks over to Benjie and they kiss too. What a surprise!

"Copy cat," Isabel comments. Benjie flicks her off.

"Any one else want to come out?" I chuckled. I ignored everyone else and faced Isabel. I kissed her cheek. She playfully glares at me.

I simply smiled and licked her cheek before wrapping my arms around her.

"What the fck, Lauren!" she giggles out. She's so cute.

"I marked my territory. You're mine," I tell her. Oh, gosh. I'm lovesick.

She raises her eyebrow. "I'm yours, but you didn't need to go all puppy on me," she says, putting her arms on top of my shoulders and started playing with my hair. It made me feel relaxed.

"Fine. I'm sorry," I grumpily said. I took my handkerchief out of my pocket and wiped her cheek. "Happy?"

"I didn't say I wanted it off," she laughs.

I groan. "Seriously, you're bipolar." I rolled my eyes at her.

"Well, you're corny; asking me for forgiveness and to be your girlfriend," she scoffs, "you know you hurt me very deeply.

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