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Getting back always seemed to be harder than getting somewhere in the first place. 

Eventually, the group were ready to go back to the institute. Clary and Jace had gone ahead of the others doing whatever the newly forming couple were doing. Everyone began to argue over what they were going to do with the cup after Clary had removed it from its card prison. Personally, Evie thought that the cup should remain in the card and be hidden away. Then all involved should have those memories wiped. It was probably the best option. That way it could never be found again. Well, that was the idea of it. It could be found by accident but that was unlikely to happen if it was just hidden. Surely if it was inside a card they could burn the card and destroy the cup whilst they were at it. Then no one could ever get their hands on it on purpose. 

The quintet then began to move more rapidly towards the institute to avoid the police officers they had just stolen evidence from. The alleyway they had chosen was once again dimly lit as this was the preferred method of transport for the shadow warriors. The arguing continued which seemed like a pointless waste of time. They could have been much further on their way back if the arguments had stopped and been resumed somewhere if anyone could see or overhear it would not be a problem. 

Though the arguing between supposed friends was the least of their concerns. The necklace Izzy wore proudly on her chest began to glow. Evie prepped herself immediately as this was the sign of trouble. She had quickly picked up on the accuracy of how close the detected demons were to the wearer.  However, she hadn't picked up on the exact demon until it was too late.

No, she was not dead. However, the same cannot be said for the demon. Jace had quickly identified and killed the demon disguised as an elder lady. It was weird to Evie. How they decided to show themselves as the least threatening members of society. Yet they were the ones for doing some of the most indisputable crimes and had no problem making the innocent look so guilty. But Evie supposed that was demon logic. Maybe the angel part of her knew differently. To protect those members of society rather than to exploit them and the lack of threat they posed. 

To what she supposed was her own bad luck, the elder lady-demon was not alone. A bunch of more evil demons were approaching. However, there seemed to be no way of getting everyone away from the situation. And apparently, a paper card was worth way more than any of their young lives. She guessed that was why Alec offered to stay behind. Maybe it had something to do with him being the leader and that seemed like one of the selfless leader acts he had to perform or something else like that. Or maybe he had grown to care for all the people present. Evie surely hoped it was the last one. 

Jace and Alec then began to argue over who was staying behind to fight. It was petty and seemed like at every chance the two were bumping heads. Slowly this was getting on Evie's nerves as they were wasting time when they could be getting the stupid cup back to the institute where more power hungry people were going to get their hands on it. 

"Hey what about, I stay?" Evie questioned interrupting the two boys arguing.

"You can't defend yourself though" Came Jace's short reply. Evie was not going to lie. That stung it wasn't like he was telling her sister that. She was going to push that aside for now.

"Sure. Whatever. But they're looking for me and Clary, right? Well surely seeing one sister may distract them for slightly longer, giving you guys a slightly better lead on getting back to the institute. Anyways, I'll be with Alec and I'm sure he won't let me die." Evie pushed not giving much of an option for anyone to argue with them as she pulled out her batons spinning them in anticipation. The boys argued for slightly longer about the fact that splitting up was never a good idea but they had done it in Scooby Doo and everyone had survived in that show so why wouldn't they?

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