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All of my friends and I were dancing when my god-sister Brianna pulls me towards the table where my cake was sitting.

I stand next to a pink and silver two tier cake with pink roses, metallic silver frosting dripped over the top with a crown.

I look behind me and I see a pink and silver backdrop with my nickname on it.

I was snapped back to reality when I hear my song playing and everyone singing it.

"And I've Been Counting Bands All Night, I Guess I'm Living Life Alright And No Matter What There Saying I Know I'm Going To Make It. They Probably Hating On My Grind But I'm Gonna Be Just Fine And No Matter What They Saying To Me I Got The Bag I'm Chasing The Green Get To The Cash They Hating On Me Doing The Dash Like I'm In The Race Now Why Would I Care What A Hater Can Say Grinding And Shining They Won't Get In My Way I've Been Woke Trying To Get Me A Rollie"

As soon as I said "I've Been Trying To Get Me A Rollie" I feel a tap on my shoulder I turn around to see a towering 6'6 LaMelo Ball.

I gasped in shock. He spoke up and said, "So I see you wanted a Rollie right." As he pulls a Rolex box from his backpack.

He puts the rose gold Rolex on my left wrist. We all regain our composure and LaMelo asked "Are you coming to Chino with me?"

I look back at my sister and best friend Jilly they both look at each other and then both nod yes.

Miami To Chino Hills

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