6| So Beautiful.

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6| So Beautiful.

"Hey Mrs Hemmings is Luke here?" Annie asked Liz, Luke's tired and fake-smiling mother. Liz looked a lot like Luke in many ways, the hair and the facial features, but definitely not the height. Liz was around Annie's height, and Luke was over 6 foot.

After Annie finished her shift at Roland's Records at 6:00pm she started to walk back from the mall, not wanting to call Carla to come and pick her up. She remembered where Luke lived from their first date, and considering it was on the same road as her house it wasn't hard to find.

"Yeah, come in, he's up in his room." Liz smiled, a real one this time, and opened the door wider for her. Annie went to toe her shoes off but Liz prevented her, reminding her that they were leaving soon anyway. Annie wasn't sure if she was to take that rudely or not, so she just went upstairs and searched for Luke's room.

The second one Annie looked into she saw Luke laying on his bed, sunglasses on and earphones in. She giggled slightly, biting her lip as she watched him tap his finger along to the beat.

Annie knocked on his door, hoping to grab his attention somehow but it didn't work. Cautiously walking in, she couldn't help but glance around, all of Luke's life stored in this room.

He had a bean bag in the corner to the right of his door, his bed directly opposite in the corner of his room. On the left hand side was his desk, wardrobe and shelving unit. Only now Annie noticed the TV on the wall above the bean bag and in front of the bed.

Stepping forward, Annie tapped Luke's shoulder, his body jolting away slightly as he ripped out his headphones.

"Sorry! Sorry, Uh, it's Annie. Your mum let me in." She giggled, sitting on the edge of his bed and tapping her fingers against the palm of his hand.

Luke nodded his head, smiling as well as he felt her hand tickle his own. He liked the feeling, and didn't want to move in case she stopped touching him. Luke licked his lips, wondering what Annie was looking like at the moment. Maybe she had her hair up or down or maybe she had make up on or not. Luke was comfortable enough with her to ask now.

But instead of asking, he reached his right hand up and brushed the hair on her cheek, indicating to him that she had her hair down. He smiled again, so when she looked at him she didn't think he was a complete weirdo.

"Is this ok?" He whispered, thumb brushing the hair above her ear multiple times, making fatigue rush over Annie's skin. She leant her head into his hand, closing her eyes as his other fingers started to comb through her hair.

"Yeah," Annie muttered, her right hand still drawing shapes onto Luke's left, making his skin go numb and heart pound. "Did you- did you want to just stay here? We could play a movie on your TV?"

"Well, I won't be watching it so you can choose what you want. They're in he box under my bed. I thought you wanted to go to yours?" Luke didn't move any muscles apart from the ones on her face. He didn't want her to leave him, not even for a second.

"I'm too tired... but if you want we can..." Annie's lips barely parted when she spoke, and Luke could feel them with the end of his palm. His hand felt so big compared to her face, they probably were the same size, it made her even cuter then before.

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