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If you thought about it, emotions could be a rather confusing yet humorous concept to grasp. How something so simple could have such a drastic change on your mood, making you go from being joyous and content to enraged and upset within a number of seconds. Utter a wrong word or look at someone and you could make anyone snap. That is what is wrong with society nowadays. There is no consideration for how anyone is feeling and we freely speak as if the world is filled with no consequence.

The world is all about timing. If I'm being honest, the timing was not in my favor as I was unfortunately on my last nerve when I was at my brothers house party and was informed of some delightful details about my almost ex's new relationship.

I was tapping my foot and bobbing my head along to the beat of the music blasting through my eardrums, a beat I vaguely did recognize hearing before this. I had a bottle gripped in my hand, one I took another swig of as I tried desperately to drown out the mind numbing thoughts. I would try anything at this point to try and completely shut off my mind and considering this alcohol was the most convenient at the moment, it would have to do.

"V-Vic!" I heard Jaime, a long-term friend, shout loudly with a hiccup near the end of his words. He plopped down next to me and pulled me into a giant hug. He reeked of vodka and the stench of cigarettes, although I was beginning to get use to the stench since about half the people here smelt of the same.

"Hime-time, I think you've had enough don't ya think?" I chuckled as I went to confiscate his red solo cup but in return was swatted away like an annoying insect.

"Of course I have not Vicky, lighten up!" Jaime cheered, as he downed the remnants of whatever was filled in the cup, and tossed it elsewhere.

I mumbled a quick response as I downed the last of my beer and scrunched up my face at the bitter taste making its way down my throat. I couldn't just "lighten up" considering the fact that my relationship was on the cusp of falling apart. I've been with Kellin for a little over 2 years now, and I loved him with everything in me. I even thought we might end up getting married, but apparently now he was having second thoughts.

"Are you sad because of Mr. perfect hair and tight jeans?" Jaime questioned as he studied my facial expression.

I shrugged as I looked down and frowned at my hands. I felt my eyes slowly begin to burn with unshed tears along with my throat becoming dry. Fuck me.

"Trust me Vic, you could do so much better then that assfuck." Jaime said as he slapped a hand down on my shoulder roughly. "He isn't worth it, 'specially since he's a cheater."

That captured my attention and made my self pity come to a halt. I snapped my head up at the news and met Jaime's glossy gaze. I was hoping for this to simply be a drunken outburst where he had no idea what he was talking about, but I couldn't help how my heart sank at the words and the way this could make sense as to why our relationship could be falling apart.

"Excuse me?"

"Yeah man! He really isn't worth your time." Jaime hiccuped.

I was dumbfounded, but it suddenly all clicked now. That explains the late night phone calls and coming home so late and the distance he's put between us lately and--God I should've read the signs. The tears started to collect again the more I put thought to it, I feel like such a fucking idiot.

"Yeah," Jaime paused, giving me a a thoughtful look before continuing, "Kells was fucking that ginger for about three months now." And just like that, my mood had switched from devastation to humiliation and rage.

To say I was mad would have been a complete understatement because I was fucking livid. That little fucking whore had the nerve to try and pin our failing relationship all on me when he was the one slutting around with some other guy. Another thought crossed my mind; If he's been cheating on me for a while and Jaime knew, who else did?

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