Part 6: The closet

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After the whole incident of Lucy beating Natsu to a pulp Lucy went to the bar and ordered a strawberry shake, Erza sat down next to her and ordered at strawberry cake. "Awe you two would make the perfect couple!" Mira said with a wicked grin and stars in her eyes, Erza choked on her cake and Lucy spit out what she had in her mouth. "What makes you think that Mira?" Lucy asked stunned, "You two are always indirect flirting and glancing at each other you both even like strawberries!" "There's a lot of people who like strawberries Mira" Erza said grimly though there was a faint blush and Lucy walked away to the request board. Mira whispered to levy who shook her head fast and grabbed Lucy and shoved her in the broom closet, Mira smiled at popped up behind Erza shoving her toward the same closet "wait... my precious cake!" Erza whimpered being shoved into a closet after about 5 minutes of being in the dark not aware of each other's presence Erza got up and pounded on the door "MIRA LET ME OUT!'' Erza heard a scream and recognized it as Lucy's then she heard crying over by the corner of the closet. She walked over to it "Lucy is that you?" "..." "Lucy what's wrong?" " scared of the dark..." Lucy whimpered, Erza sighed at wrapped her arms around the crying girl "Hang on cover your ears for a sec ok?" Lucy nodded covering her ears "MIRA GET YOUR ASS OVER TOWARD THIS CLOSET RIGHT NOW OR I WILL BUST DOWN THE DOOR" "Why do you want out so bad?" Mira asked. "I don't but Lucy does!" "Why would Lucy want out?" now Mira was concerned "BECAUSE SHE FREAKING SCARED OF THE DARK! AND IS CRYING AND ROCKING HERSELF BACK AND FORTH!" At that Mira quickly went to go open the door only to have the handle break locking them in. All they heard was a click and a thud, Erza scampered to the handle only for that side to fall off too she shoved on the door but it didn't budge. Erza pounded on the door along with Lucy whose tears now stained her face, and slid down the door in defeat and started hyperventilating. Erza stopped pounding on the door so she could try to calm the scared blonde, "shh...shh... shh... it will be ok Lucy everything will be ok" Mira was heartbroken hearing Lucy so upset and tried breaking down the door, 'how's this door so strong?!' Lucy crawled to the back of the closet muttering weird phrases Erza couldn't understand when Erza kissed Lucy to calm her down. But it did the opposite Lucy shoved Erza and Erza hit a wall to see Lucy crying and saying "S-Stay back i-i-i don't want to hurt you STAY BACK!" she yelled to no one in particular, the door opened at Mira was hit with an air dragon roar sending her across the guild and sat up dazed. "Lucy's sorry Mira!" Erza said still looking at the cowering blonde


Lucy was taking a break from walking when she heard foot steps, two faces appeared and attacked little Lucy grabbing at her tearing her clothes after done with her she felt so helpless and alone and her insides were in so much pain that when one guy came back for more Lucy yelled "S-Stay back i-i-i don't want to hurt you STAY BACK!" and that was it the man now in flames burning on the ground with a piece of ice in his heart and Lucy ran.

~Flashback end~

Erza carried the crying blonde out of the closet leaving a guilt ridden Mira to see the tear stains on Lucy's sad face who tucked her head into Erza's chest and cried. Mira stood there sad at her little joke and went back behind the bar in shame when cana walked up and put her hand on Miras shoulder "Heeyyy its not ..'hiccup'.. your fault ya didnt know. Hey I'd ..'hiccup'.. like to be stuck in a dark dark closet with you any day!" Cana smiled and patted Miras shoulder and walked off leaving Mira blushing like crazy. 'Did that just happen? Did she just confess? No she's drunk she's not in her right mind' Mira smiled and continued to wash the counter.

At Erzas house

Lucy and Erza walked into Erzas apartment and entered the living room, where Lucy slammed Erza against the wall and kissed her neck. "Lucy w-what are you doing" Erza asked blushing madly Lucy didn't respond and her tail that was wrapped around Lucy's waist. "im showing you what I felt like when i... when I got raped by those two men!" Lucy screamed tears rolling down her eyes. Erza stood there shocked 'lucy was r-raped! Is that why she wears the cloak?' Erza wondered but was soon cut off from her thoughts she brought Lucy's head to hers making Lucy stop and back away but Erza pulled her back and hugged the blonde mage. Realizing what she did Lucy started crying waterfalls and the room filled with water up to there knees "I-im so sorry Erza, I lost control! Im so so sorry!" She said putting her face in the crook of Erzas neck crying and crying till the water reached there chests making them float and the room be soaked. "N-now I made you room soaked im sorry" and Lucy started crying more causing the water to go to the ceiling and Erza to be pushed under water unable to breath while Lucy was still crying attached to the redhead able to breath. Erza started loosing air fast as the blonde squeezed the air out of her she soon felt light headed when she saw Lucy look up and shock across her face "Nooo!!" Lucy yelled and Erza passed out Lucy sucked in all the water and ran to the window "Water dragon ROAR!" And shot out all her water and quickly ran back to Erza and did CPR and did a time reversal spell and returned Erzas apartment to its dry self and laid Erza on her bed and walked out of the apartment and left a note.

After a couple of hours (4 hours) Erza woke up to see her apartment in perfect shape and everything all dry and saw the window was open her curtains flapping in the wind. She looked over and saw a note with medicine and some water. She picked up the note and read it.

Hey Erza,
Sorry about the mess I made sure to clean it up for you, im out to find an apartment so I can stop being a burden see you at the guild tommorow. Sorry for being a problem and I'll get out of your hair, you might be sick so I left you some meds and water.
- Lucy

Erza ran out of her room to find Lucy and saw a blonde with cat ears and a black and gold cloak walk into an apartment with tear stained eyes. Erza went to the girls apartment and saw a window she climbed up to the window and slowly opened it to see the blonde unpacking her stuff Erza slowly entered the apartment being as quiet as she could and walked up behind the blonde and wrapped her arms around putting her head in the crook of Lucy's neck the blonde yelped and stiffened, Erza gently whispered "You could never be a burden to me" and jumped back out the window running back to her house leaving a shocked Lucy standing there with wide eyes and dark red cheeks. She touched her neck and smiled and started finishing packing up to lay down thinking of Erza as she fell asleep smiling.

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