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Apprehension: Locked ankles

Anticipation: Rubbing hands

Anger, frustration, apprehension: Hands clasped behind back

Boredom: Prolonged tilted head

Boredom: Sitting with legs crossed, foot kicking slightly

Boredom: Head resting in hand, eyes downcast

Confidence: Brisk, erect walk

Confidence, superiority: Sitting with hands clasped behind head, legs crossed

Doubt, disbelief: Rubbing the eye

Defensive: Arms crossed on chest

Dejection: Walking with hands in pockets, shoulders hunched

Disbelief: Looking down, face turned away

Evaluation, thinking: Hand to cheek

Impatience: Tapping or drumming fingers

Interest: Quickly tilted head

Insecurity, nervousness: Biting nails

Indecision: Pulling or tugging at ear

Lack of self-confidence; insecurity: Patting/fondling hair

Negative evaluation: Pinching bridge of nose, eyes closed

Open, relaxed: Sitting, legs apart

Readiness, aggression: Standing with hands on hips

Rejection, doubt, lying: Touching, slightly rubbing nose

Sincerity, openness, innocence: Open palm

Biting fingernails

• Jiggling leg up and down

• Tapping foot

Twirling hair

• Running fingers through hair or tucking hair behind ear.

• Smacking gum

• Whistling
• Slurping

• Burping

• Yawning

• Glancing at watch

• Talking with a full mouth

• Potty mouth

• Eye-rolling

• Constantly apologizing

• Snapping fingers

• Cracking knuckles (cliche)

• Humming

• Stuttering

• Licking lips

• Sniffing
• Squinting

• Applying Chap Stick to lips

• Picking at nail polish

• Raising eyebrows as they speak

• Winking

• Pulling at bottom lip

• Pinching skin

• Rubbing hands together

• Pointing
• Rubbing eyes/chin
• Twirling a ring around finger

• Picking at facial hair—eyebrows/eye lashes/moustache

• Excessive eye blinking

• Shifts in their seat when nervous

• Cross/uncross legs

• Clicking or tapping teeth with a nail

• Shrugging

• Slapping people on the back

• Jaw clenching/jaw muscle jerking (mainly a male attribute)

• Gesturing a lot when speaking

• Slouching

• Putting their feet on a desk or table

• Toying with objects before them

• Chewing on their pencil

• Chewing bottom lip

• Speech patterns

• Nervous cough

• Picking at teeth

• Saluting
Twiddling your thumbs
• Constantly touching up makeup using a compact mirror

• Constantly checking cell phone for messages (text or voice)

• High pitch/low raspy voice depending on mood

• Sliding the tip of one's index fingernail up and down along the side of the thumb beside it

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