Return of Underworld -(Underworld Series Book 2)

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Where is the Underworld?

The Underworld that was once my whole world, crumbled in to pieces right in front of my eyes.

Ang mundong kinalakihan naming magpipinsan ay nasira ng isang pagkakamali, isang maling desisyong nagawa ko bilang lider ng organisasyon ng Underworld. I knew people blamed me and also, I am too is still blaming myself.

And for my deliverance, the Underworld will have to take another chance.

Together with my lovely twin and supportive cousin, we will recreate the place that we lost. But in this new journey, will life play fair or we'll end up in another nightmare?

And as we dance with fire, hearts will have to be scarred and some people in our lives will have to be barred.

We will just have to be ready, because it going to be, the return of Underworld.

Return of Underworld (Underworld Series Book 2)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!