Stamping Down Emotions

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  "Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them."  ~ Marcus Aurelius





A whole plethora of emotions cascaded throughout her conscience. Replacing the previous, one after another.

She couldn't pick a single emotion to emulate. Except for one. One that stood out from the rest.


A fiery burning rising in her chest. Pounding through her veins in the form of a concealing blush. Looking like a sheen of embarrassment to outsiders but anger nevertheless.

Not at Jack per se. But most definitely at herself.

She should never have come here.

The adoption agency.


Everything and anything surrounding this murder and Jack Rhodes.

Especially Jack Rhodes.

She shouldn't have gotten involved. She told herself that the very beginning that this was just a job.

That Jack Rhodes was off-limits.

Getting involved with him was the worst possible outcome.

Especially now, when there was a tingling coursing through the very fabric of her being.

She should back off. Send someone else from Kingmaker to solve this case.

Domos had been right: she never took cases below her pay grade. And let's be honest, she was the grand Cadillac of all detectives.

The best of the best.

She didn't even think about taking cases that involved cheating spouses and jealous intentions.

But here she was, in a town that wasn't even a pinpoint on a map, solving a cold case that the U.S. Government obviously didn't want to be solved, and shirking her CEO responsibilities. All because a certain Commander's name had shone up on the report.

Making up her mind, V.C. settled back in her chair.

That was it.

After this appointment, she was going to tell Jack that she was giving up.


Relinquishing control.

He'd probably be relieved to get rid of her.

But then Jack started to rub circles on her hand with his thumb.




Back and forth.

Until all thoughts of leaving evaporated in her mind.

She knew he wasn't doing it out of some misplaced affection for her but it still tingled.

Said gentle caress rotated her attention back to the matter at hand.

Suspect. Case. Murder. Focus V.C. Focus.

Sitting across from her, behind his desk was David Beltervan Jameson, son of Clark Jameson.

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