Back to the village

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Hide was walking towards the entrance and sensed the samehada near the trees. He knew it was kisame an looked there. Kisame was leaning against a tree while eating some dumplings. There were some for Hide and Hide took some and ate them. The  both of them were talking about the sage traing undergone by Hide, Kisame claimed that he, himself could not achieve the sage mode, but Hide could do it in such a young age.

Jiraiya walked out of the village while talking to Minato about Kushina's pregnancy. Then, they all met. Minato was surprised to see Hide. He also was really amazed to hear the techniques learned by Hide and claimed that he himself can't do senjutsu. Hide was honored and told that minato was obviously a genius and more powerful than Hide. Hide then asked about what jiraiya did in these few days and he answered that he enjoyed his nights at oppai bars. Hide then proclaimed " that man never learns, hmmm". " but he is still my lovely father" said Hide in a sentimental way. Hide forgot about the presence of jiraiya. However, jiraiya heard his statement and felt happy.

After some time, jiraiya said that he wanted to bring his son somewhere special and everyone went in the village. The village was at peace without any flaws. Hide asked jiraiya about the destination they are heading to. Jiraiya then answered in a dramatic way " the most relaxing place in konoha... the legendary hot springs!!" Hide was in the correct mood to go to hot springs for some relaxation and 'eye cleansing' ( if you know what i mean). Both of them dashed to the hot springs and had a wonderful time there.

   They both were heading back and bumped with kakashi. Kakashi looked at Hide in a suspicious way because of the amount of chakra in his body. Jiraiya told kakashi to relax and negotiate with his son. Jiraiya had some work to settle and dashed into the woods. Kakashi and Hide walked across the streets and went to kakashi's house. Hide asked is it was possible to have a sleepover there. Kakashi did not hesitate and said yes because he himself was lonely. They both talked about each other's jutsus and went to sleep.

Kakashi was really surprised that Hide could summon two animals. While he himself have not managed to perfect the summoning jutsu. Hide was also shocked to hear that kakashi has the sharingan although he is not a descendant of the uchiha clan.

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