Chapter 29: Wedding

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Destiny P.O.V

I look myself at the mirror my eyes watered I wore a beautiful gown my hair are tied up into a neat bun at the side. With the vile at the back.

"Aww Honey don't cry " mom cooed.

The girls in the room laughed.

"Yeah don't cry you will ruin you makeup"  said Alice she rubbed her round belly she is currently three months pregnant. She married with Logan  few months ago and she was expecting a boy.

"Well I'm not "

"Yeah sure you do" said Candy. Candy and I are fine she apologized to me on what she had done on my high school years.

The girls laughed.

"Mommy! mommy!" shouted Ashton. My two year old son.

"Yes Ashton go play with Ashley " I pointed to his twin sister sleeping at my mom's lap. Yup I got  fraternal twins boy and a girl. Ashley has my features but her eyes are green while Ashton his hair is black and his eyes are hazel.

My life right is full of joy on the day Jacob proposed to me it was wonderful we had dinner and walk on the beach and chat. I continue my model career same goes to Jacob but he will take over his parent's company .

"Okay girls! it's time " Jacob's mom cheered we all stood up and went to the church.

After a few minutes I stood next to my dad behind the doors as I saw the last bridesmaids walk the idle.

"You look beautiful kiddo " dad smiled.

"Thanks dad" I smiled dad clung his arm with mine.

The door opened me and dad walk together on the idle I look at my and Jacob's relatives at the bench smiling at me. I keep walking I look at Jacob he grinned he look handsome as ever he wore a black tuxedo his hair are combed neatly my brother wink at me .

As I stood beside him dad let go from my grasp and sit with my mom. We both listen to the priest saying .

"will you take Destiny Andrew as your wife?" said the priest .

"I do"

"and will take Jacob Ashwood as your husband?"

"I do"

we exchange the rings and slipped it to our fingers.

"you will now kiss the bride"

Jocab lift my vile and kiss me everyone cheered I heard both of the twins groaned.

I chuckled Jacob carried me and walk out of the chruch we went into the car as the car speed off.

"Finally you are mine " Jacob hold my hand tight.

"No I will always be yours" I chuckled.

he grinned and kissed me.


"Mommy Mommy!" shouted both of the twins.

"Yes honey " I carried Ashley on my arms she grinned showing her missing tooth.

"Mommy love Ashley more then me!" Ashton pouted.

Ashley popped a'p'

I chuckled I kiss his cheeks.

"Go find daddy" He run off and went to my husband's office.

"Mommy can I have some pancakes?" Ashley asked. I nodded and put her on the floor.

I took the ingredients out and start cooking the pancakes.She walk towards the dinning table and sit on the vacant seat.

I chuckled it's been a year I have married to Jacob things are going well Jacob is always busy but he is around for our family. I took over my parent's company actually they wanted me to take over  everything their company boutique and clothing line.

But I told them I need to spend a lot of time with my family and they agreed Alice had given birth to a beautiful baby boy he look more like Logan. Unexpectedly Austin are married with Candy they are are doing well Austin took over the clothing line and we both shared the boutique.

"What are cooking wifey?" Jacob asked He peck my lips . He carried Ashton in his arms.

"Ewwww daddy always kiss mommy " Ashton showed a disgusted look.

"when you grow up buddy you do that a lot for the girl you love " he look at Ashton.

I blushed he smirked "So if I like a girl I kiss her?" Ashton asked inconetly.

I raised an eyebrow "Jacob did you teach Ashton to kiss girls?"

"No I didn't " he smirked. He put Ashton down and he sit next to his sister they observe us.

"Yes you did " I mocked.

"No I didn't " he shifted closer to me.

"Yes you did" he kissed me. He wrapped his arms around me I entangled his hair.

"Mommy!" both of the twins shouted.

"Mommy! Daddy! the pancakes is burning!" they shouted.

I snapped my heads my eyes went wide the pancakes are burning I let go from Jacob's grasp. I took a cloth and take the pan on the sink.

" Hahaha! " Jacob laughed holding his stomach.

I glare at him "Jeez Jacob you almost set the house on fire!"

"No you mean we " he laughed after a few minutes I laughed thinking how many times we almost set fire at the kitchen. The twins followed showing their cute missing tooth.



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