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thank you

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¤ 7/8/2018 ¤

OMG GUYS. 10k reads
on this story, i can't believe
it. I'm so thankful to each
and every one of you who
read it or put it into a
reading list. I never imagined
I'd get a book over 3k let
alone this.

¤ 23/11/2018 ¤

OMG This book has reached
30K AND 1K votes. My mind
is constantly being blown
by people in this community
and I really don't know what
to say about it. Lorna hunny,
you've made it.

¤ 8/1/2019 ¤

Can I take a moment. 50k.
This might be getting tedious
for y'all now but for me these
are mad milestones to hit.
50,000 reads on my little
story. :0

¤ 7/6/2019 ¤

My heart is so full, and my
mind has never been so
baffled that we have
reached 100,000 reads on
my little story. I can't explain
this, I really could never
say thank you enough to
all of you.

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