Chapter Three

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“How many of them did you get wrong, Zach?” laughed Julio as we walked out of history forty-eight minutes later.

“All of them but two,” he responded with a wry grin. “You mean to tell me you actually expected more?”

“Actually,” Jordan interrupted. “I think we’re all just wondering how you’re still passing your classes.”

We halted at a crossroads. The halls were flooded with students, all clustered in little groups (including us, admittedly). I stuck next to Jordan, still a little weary about them all, however nice and funny they seemed.

“Welp,” said Sean. “I’m off to science. See you guys later! Nice meeting you, Elise,” he added, offering me a kind smile that I returned shyly. He waved and disappeared into the crowd, followed by Zach.

“What do we have next?” I asked Jordan nervously, uncomfortable with so many people around.

“Art,” he replied. “Julio has Spanish next, but the classrooms are right next to each other, so we usually walk together.” Julio nodded and grinned at me again. I smiled unconsciously.

Two right turns and one long hallway later, we stood in a less crowded hall that emptied into several classrooms.

“This is the Fine Arts hallway,” explained Jordan. “Foreign languages, Art, Theatre, etc are on this hallway.” I stared around, openmouthed.

Julio bid us farewell and vanished into a room labeled ‘AP Spanish III’, and Jordan led me to another slightly larger room. It was wide and spacious, with several large wooden tables, dozens of stools, and lots of cabinets. Two smaller doors inside led to the kiln room and a storage closet. Windows at the back of the room poured sunlight in, making the space bright and pleasant.

I grinned genuinely for the first time that day. I loved art. I’d always been into drawing, painting, sculpting… whatever. I relished in the fact that art didn’t go by any rules. It could be whatever you wanted it to be.

After introducing me to the art teacher, Mrs Fraps, Jordan headed for a table nearest to the windows, where a girl sat doodling on a piece of notebook paper. She had lengthy chocolate-brown hair and wore jeans and a t-shirt that read ‘Sarcastic comment loading… please wait’ and adorned a blue beanie/hat that was probably one of the cutest things I’d ever seen. She looked up when we approached.

“Hi, Maddie,” Jordan greeted. “This is Elise. She’s new here and I’ve been assigned the job of tour guide.”

“I can just imagine you as a tour guide, Jordan,” she replied jokingly, and something else tugged at the back of my mind, but again it slipped from my reach. “Hi, Elise. I’m Madeline, but you can call me Maddie,” she introduced, smiling at me.

I happened to catch a glimpse of what she was drawing. “Wait a minute… is that a Deathly Hallows symbol?”

“What?” She glanced at her paper. “Oh, yeah.”

“That’s awesome!” I exclaimed. “Finally, another Harry Potter fan around here.”

“You like Harry Potter?” she asked, bewildered.

“Of course!” I responded. “Who doesn’t?”

“Okay, serious talk,” she stated when I sat down next to her, Jordan on my other side. “Ron and Hermione or Harry and Hermione?”

“Oh my gosh,” I gasped. “It should have been Harry and Hermione, I can’t believe she ended up with Ron…”

Jordan chuckled quietly as we fangirled together. “I should’ve known you two would hit it off,” he managed between laughs. “You’re like long lost twins or something.”

This caused us all to burst into laughter. Okay, I thought as we chatted happily, This isn’t all bad. I can live with this.

Is Dul's name Madeline? The only source I could find said it was, so I apologize if that's wrong, oops. 

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