Hi guys!

It's me again. Posted this story yesterday but took it down because someone else had almost the same title as mine and she had it first. So I just changed mine. But with the same theme and stuff.

For my readers who are not from the Philippines: 

Sorry but this is not going to be an English story. This will be written in my own native language which is Filipino and then mixed with a bit of English. Doing this for my Filipino readers who have been requesting for a long time now for me to write a Taglish story and this is me honoring their request.

Para sa mga Pilipino, sana magustuhan niyo ito. Pagpasensyahan na lang muna ako at medyo nagaadjust pa from English to Taglish. Haha. Gusto ko lang talaga makagawa ng bago at matry naman ung Tagalog. At para mapagbigyan na din kayo. :)



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Distance Is Just A Number [Taglish]Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!