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Hello readers. 

Your girl is back with another fanfiction! This one's a Larry Stylinson one and a little different. It's in the Instagram format. So if you haven't already seen the ones around- It's basically a book, but it's on Instagram posts. There are no actual chapters (maybe a few) but the story progresses in Instagram posts.

A little background: It begins in Doncaster, England. Louis Tomlinson is a high school student, living in the shadows, he's depressed because of a rough past. There's only one thing he's passionate about and that is photography. He photographs, every and anything, in black and white and posts them on his Instagram page, for no particular reason, gaining a good amount of followers. All he has ever posted on the page has been black and white, sad photography with even sadder captions. He graduates and moves to Manchester in hopes of escaping his past. 

Small-town boy Harry Styles is that source of positivity everyone needs in their life once in a while. But, deep down, Harry's soul was broken too, he knew that; no one else did. How was anyone to figure out, with his eyes and smile shining brighter than the stars. Harry has a façade, walls built high. 

But, the darkness, he cracked the walls, letting the moon's light seep through, and he could finally see.

The pictures, manips, captions, and quotes I use in this book are NOT mine, at least not most of them. All credits go to the owners. I got them off Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. Some of the pictures and captions ARE mine, and I'll let you know which ones they are.

It will (hopefully) be updated every single day. Hope you enjoy it.


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