My Lips Are Saying Goodbye

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Tara's POV

So right now I'm at the MTV music awards and our video 'Miss Moving On' is up for girl power video of the year. I'm sitting next to my Dad and Jai and the girls and the whole family even Scooter.

Justin:"Girls 'Girl Power' is coming up next you nervous?"

T: "Dad!"

Justin: "What?"

T: "We are going to win."

Justin: "Honey don't get your hopes up."

T: "You don't think we will win?"

Justin: "No it's not that honey but your competition Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez."

T: "Dad we can beat those losers in our sleep."

Justin: "okay okay miss confident."

T: "Haha shut up Dad."

Justin: "Okay okay!"

Dad then kissed my head.

Justin: "Love you sweetheart."

T: "Love you too Daddy."

Ariana: "okay everyone welcome back to the MTV music awards! Next is 'Girl Power' I love each and everyone of these girls and they are each so talented and stand out here they are your nominees. Demi, Selena,Taylor,Ariana, 5th Harmony, Jasmine, and Becky G! And your winners are for best 'Girl Power' is.....................5th HARMONY!" 

Everyone started to scream.

The girls and I got up and went to the stage and gave our speeches. I walked down the stairs after and hugged Dad and Scooter.

Scooter: "You are so talented just like your father I am so proud of you honey."

T: "Thank you Scooter that means a lot to me."

I smiled,

J: "Congrats hon you are amazing."

T: "Thanks Daddy."

I then got up because girl power was the last award of the night,

When I got up to go back down the carpet I got stopped by  Austin. 

A: "Hey can I talk to you?"

T: "Sure?"

I then got to the side for Austin to talk to me.

A: "I need to tell you this."

T: "Alright what is-"

A: "Shh, okay here it goes, Tara I can't get my mind off you. I try and try but nothing works. My manger keeps telling me to move on and get over you but I fell hard for you and I can't get back up. I'm sorry for what I did but trust me I did love you. I did fall for you. And what I did was horrible but everything I said was true. You are a amazing girl and it kills me to see you sad. Please can you find it in your heart to take me back?"

T: "Austin?"

A: "Yeah?"

T: "I wrote 'Miss Moving On' about you, I'm breakin' down Gonna start from scratch Shake it off like an etch-a-sketch My lips are saying goodbye My eyes are finally dry."

A: "That was all me."

T: "Austin, my lips are saying goodbye." 



That was the last chapter.......................................................................................................but there will be a sequel! 

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