I let out a small scream when someone attacked me with a hug.

“Paul!” I yelled at the boy when I noticed that it was him.

“Hailey!” He yelled back and I rolled my eyes at him.

“Why is everyone staring at me?” I grumbled under my breath and Paul chuckled.

“They want to hear the gossip,” he replied, shrugging.

“Typical,” I said. Sure, I loved my classmates but we all know that they don’t really care that much about me. There are only a few that really do, and they are the ones that aren’t staring at me.

“Hi Hailey,” Mariah said, smiling at me.

“Hey,” I said. “Your boyfriend is over there.”

I winked at her and pointed to where Chase was standing with a bunch of guys. She blushed and tried to glance at Chase without me noticing but I did.

I chuckled and my heart swelled with happiness for that cute couple.

“Go,” I told her when I saw Chase look at her too but he couldn’t leave because Josh was talking to him. I knew she wanted to go.

“But I’m talking to you now a—”

I cut her off with a laugh and said, “Just go.”

She gave me an uncertain look and I rolled my eyes at her.

“I have Paul,” I said and that’s when I noticed that he wasn’t next to me anymore. “Or not,” I added with a laugh.

She laughed too and I pushed her to where Chase was.

“Don’t make me drag you all the way,” I joked and she chuckled.

She gave me one last smile and hurried to where her boyfriend was. I heard the guys make gagging noises when Chase kissed her and I laughed quietly.

I grabbed my jacket and put it on because I was feeling cold. I checked the heaters in class and found out that they were off.

I sighed and zipped up my jacket. It was so cold today! I think it’s the coldest day so far.

I sat on the floor and tried to take my books out of my cubby quickly. I pulled out my book and my blue copybook then stood up from the freezing ground. I spun around to go to my desk and that’s when I saw him.

There he was, in his usual school uniform but with an extra jacket in his hands today. He was putting his bag on the floor next to his desk which was behind mine.

I didn’t know that seeing him will make me feel so hurt and miserable. The fact that I couldn’t hug him or kiss him or even get the chance to see the loving look in his eyes, didn’t help at all.

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