The Tables Have Turned


Chapter 30


I went out of bed the next morning and did my morning routine but I felt as if I wasn’t really there. It was like I was doing everything but my mind was just not there.

I washed my eyes with freezing water, hoping to reduce the redness in there. All that crying and lack of sleep had to affect my appearance somehow.

By the time I was heading downstairs for breakfast, my eyes were better.

“Good morning,” I said as I walked into the kitchen.

I didn’t get a reply for the first few seconds but then everyone replied with a cheerful “morning!”

But I still caught the sympathy in their voices.

I sat down and it was just like any other breakfast but it was only me who felt different.

I was hurting and I was sad and I knew I could do nothing about it.

“Ready?” Chase asked as he stood up.

I nodded absent-mindedly as I followed him and Emily to the car.

I didn’t even notice that my breakfast was left untouched…

The ride to school was silent, just like the one from school yesterday. On our way to class, though, Chase spoke.

“Are you okay, Hailey?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied, forcing a smile.

“I’m serious,” he said, stopping me from walking any further.

I sighed and rubbed my eyes. No, I wasn’t fine and we both knew it.

He suddenly hugged me and I won’t lie, I felt a bit better.

“Thanks Chase,” I said. “I will be okay.”

And this time, my smile was genuine. I was going to be fine. I still loved Alex and yes, he did break my heart, but I would not let that keep me down. I would try harder to smile.

He grinned at me and we started walking back to class.

“You’re a strong girl, Hailey,” Chase said to me before going in.

I smiled. It wasn’t the first time he said that to me but it makes me feel stronger every time he does. I then followed him inside where most of our classmates were.

I wanted to scan the classroom to see if Alex was there or not yet but I forced myself not to do that. Instead, I went to my desk and put my bag on the floor next to it.

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