Perfect Beginnings

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I'd try running, but it was too late. My wounds were to deep, my leg was to sore to run on. He'd caught me I was no longer free -

14th January;

I'd be waiting in my stall, I was cooped up with a bunch of boring other horses. They'd be eating hay and more hay, I wanted out into the pasture atleast.

An hour had passed and some horses were taken out of the stall building. My neighbour, Dash, was neighing and kicking at the stall door. Suddenly a short girl, ashy brown hair stunning blue eyes and a smile on her face, would come stumbling in. "Dashie!" She'd say walking up to Dash's stable. He'd neigh nuzzling her, I'd whinnie as if I was laughing. "Hey Atlas," The girl would say holding out her hand. I'd snort at her and raise my head out of her reach. She'd pull her hand back and onto the red head collar, she'd pick it up and undo the latches on the stall door. Dash would neigh reversing and letting her in, the girl would take his head in her right and slip say stumbling up to my stall breathing hevily. I'd neigh nuzzling him, "You know I need to train with Casper. He is still skitish-" I'd bite at the silver head collar, Blake would laugh picking it up and unlatching the stall door. He'd slip it on and clip the matching silver lead rope.

Blake would lead me out into the busy yard. It was near eventing season and everyone was cramming in time to train for cross country; jumping; dressage. I was new to riding as I was basically only halter broke, Blake had reacently saved me and Casper from an abandon farm. Blake had a few friends who help to save the other five or six horses there. Mila, my personal favorite who saved Presious the shire mare who is one of my best friends. Xavier the guy who saved Angus, the hyper active morgan, Snow. Lottie who helped save the two ponies, Carmel and Poppy, both small shetlands. And Blake who saved me, the stallion with no breed and casper the fleabitten connemara. Blake would tie me next to Dash, "Hi Blake!" The girl would say carrying out a brown saddle and a slightly darker brown bridle, it have a white saddle pad to match Dash. "Oh- Hello Hedi," Blake would reply looking over at her. "Breaking him?" Hedi would ask placing the saddle on Dash. "Well, I was hoping to. Is that okay with you?" Blake would reply. "Yes of course!" Hedi would say now adusting the saddle. Blake would smile going into the tackroom, a few moments later he'd walk out with a black saddle, matching bridle and a navy saddle pad. I'd snort moving over to the tack, I'd sniff it and move back letting Blake put it on my back. I'd known about riding and the saddle being made of leather. The bigger ones being harder to work in, Blake would place the saddle on my back. He'd pull down the girth strap and walk to my left side and pull it through the buckle. The saddle pad was supporting my back and keeping the saddle in place. I'd feel a sharp pain as Blake tightened it but I'd relax into the girth. He'd move onto the bridle, in latching parts and sorting the reins. "Alright we'd better be off, pony trail ride starts right now," Hedi would say untieing the head collar and shoving it in her bag. "Okay cya later," Blake would smile as Dash and Hedi went off into the busy chaos of the stables.

"Alright then," Blake would say untieing the head collar. He'd quickly go into the tackroom and a few noments later come back out to collect me. He'd lead me around the other stable block and to a big indoor arena. A pony lesson was on, "Oh- Blake.. Atlas. I'll take them out to the outdoor arena then." The instructor would say. "Alright Kate- I guess he is a bit wild sometimes," Blake would reply; I'd snort streaching my head up. Kate would walk the shetland ponies and their riders out of the ring, parents would walk behind them. "Okay, lets start," Blake would lead me to the mounting block and stop me. Blake would pull down my stirrups as he was using a English saddle, he'd check the girth then clamber up the steps. He'd slip his left foot into the left stirrup and swing his right over. "Whoa... eighteen point five hands is big." Blake would say getting comfortable in saddle. I'd neigh starting to walk, "Stop," Blake said pulling on the reins. The bit grazed against my cheeks it was cold but I stopped when Blake said. "Good boy!" He'd say patting my neck.

After some light trotting Blake stop me, "Are you ready to canter?" He'd ask me. I'd lower my head, and neigh softly. "Okay trot on." He'd kick my flanks. I'd trot around the outside of the riding arena, we came to the corner and Blake pulled his outside leg back and squeeze with his inside. I'd bolt into the canter feeling a light breeze graze against my face and neck. Once we got to the the next corner Blake pulled the reins and I went into a walk again. "Wow. He has really changed," a voice said behind me, Blake would pull the reins to look at the person. "Hedi!" Blake would pull me to a stop and dismount me. "Really you think so?" Blake would ask leading me to the bleachers where Hedi was stationed. "Yes! Atlas and you should start competing." Hedi said walking to Blake and me. "I want to do cross country with Casper. And I think Atlas would be better at it, Casper is happier staying on the ground." Blake would smile as me. I'd nuzzle him, "Yes, I'm enrolling Dash and Me in the local cross country and jumping event. Its next month, Febuary." Hedi would smile, "Oh could you enroll me?" Blake would ask, "Of course- What are you doing?" Blake was setting out some jumps, "Thirty centemeters already?" Hedi would seem shocked, "Its the only way we will be ready for it," Blake would jump onto my back. "Okay, I'll watch." Hedi would head back to the bleachers.

Blake would canter me around the ring a few times, "Okay ready," he'd point me to the first jump, I'd take six strides before leaping over the jump. "ATLAS-"

Authors Note;
So you know, I wont make many of these but this is my opening chapter. I will probably publish the first chapter then finish the whole book and puplish them one by one. I hope you enjoy! :)

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