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Tara's POV

A: "Hey Tara!" Austin said with a  little smile. 

T: "Oh hi Austin." I said a little nervous

A: "Uh what brings you here to the beach?"

T: "Umm I'm here with my friend Jai."

A: "Oh, nice to meet you Jai."

Austin said shaking his hand.

A: "How have you been? I Haven't talked to you in a while."

T: "I'm fine, thanks for asking."

A: "That's good."

T:"So what brought you here?"

A: "I uh come here to write and think."

T: "Oh."

A: "Yeah I've been thinking a lot latly."

Jai: "Thats nice your finally thinking."

Jai said a little rude. I laughed. 

A: "What is that suppose to mean."

Jai: "It means your thinking with your head and not your ass."

A: "Say that one more time and see where that gets you."

T: "Austin!"

A: "Yeah babe?"

I looked at him confused.

A: "Sorry that slipped out."

T: "Yeah? Umm well Jai and I are going to go, you have a nice day."

A: "You too."

I started to walk away when Austin yelled,

A: "Hey Tara?"

T: "Yeah?"

A: "Text me sometime?"

T: "Maybe."

Jai and I then walked away.

Austin POV

I just watched Tara and that Jai dude walk away. I can't believe she moved on. I guess I was easy to get over me. I really liked Tara. I'm in love with Tara. I can't get my mind off her. I acaully came here to write about her. It's called 'Till I find You' 

Justin's POV

I get a breck from tour in a little while to go and see my little girl. I'm going to surprise her on tour. I feel bad that I havn't talked to her but I've been so busy. But we can have some family time when I got and see her. 

I was walking to my bus when my phone started to ring. 


"Hey Daddy!"

Justin: "oh hi baby girl."

T: "Whats up?"

Justin: "Nothing heading on my bus why?"

T: "Just wondering I havn't talked to you in a while and wanted to see how you were doing."

Justin: "I'm good, how are you honey?"

T: "I'm fine."

Justin: "Just fine? Everything alright?"

T: "Yeah everything is fine."

Justin: "you sure?"

T: "I'm positive daddy."

Justin: "Jai with you?"

T: "How did you know?"

Justin: "Paps."

T: "Oh, well daddy I gotta go I have a performance."

Justin: "Before you go are you going to be at the-"

T: "yeah I'll be there daddy I wouldn't miss the awards."

Justin: "Alright I love you."

T: "Love you too."

Justin: "Night baby."

T: "Night Daddy"



A/N: NEXT CHAPTER IS THE LAST! I'll try and post it tonight! 

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