Chapter #9: So She's The Baby Mama

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Psychology class was a drag, and so were my sweatpants.

All they did was weigh me down as I lift myself off the desk and out the class. When we were finally dismissed an hour later, I was forcefully trying not to fall asleep on my way out. I got shoved many times into the door frame, this hallway seeming more packed than any other. I grunt back at the selfish guys running through the halls and tiredly make my way back to the library. I hadn't realized how exhausting college was when you actually wanted to succeed and try. In no way was it like high school; it was harder.

You may think it'd be easier, but it wasn't. It was so mentally and physically exhausting, and being around thousands of kids everyday gave you no space to breath.

When I push the doors open to the library, my eyes rake the room, searching for a free single table. I spot one at the back, behind some bookshelves and I promptly run to the table, sliding the chair and letting my butt rest. I pull out my books and papers, laying them all out before me. I felt sore all over and my skin felt tight on my body. I was so uncomfortable, and I didn't know why.

As my eyes scrape the papers, I highlight all my information, feeling my eyes become heavier by the second. I jump in my seat startled when I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I don't bother looking at the caller I.D as I click the answer button, my Aunt's voice catching me by surprise.

"Peyton," her warm voice echoes in the receiver and I grin wildly.

"Auntie!" I whisper, holding my phone firmly against my ear.

"How're you darling?" she questions and I smile happily, responding with ease-- something I would'nt have been able to do last year.

Ever since my Aunt and I resolved all of our problems that seemed to take a toll on the both of us, we got along much better and she really felt like a part of my life. It took a while for her to be able to speak to me with ease after finding out about my suicidal attempt, but she cared for me as I healed my way back to normal, day by day.  I hadn't realize how weak I was, just a year ago.

"God these practice exams are eating me alive," I mutter, trying not to distract the other students studying in the library.

She chuckles lightly. "That's college for you. How're you and Evan holding out?"

I smile when she brings up Evan. She was becoming more comfortable with him and I respond happily. "We're doing great, actually. We had some things come up and for a moment I thought I couldn't handle it, but we're fine. I love him, Auntie."

"Aw," my Aunt coos. "I'm really glad you guys are serious, Peyton. Your parents would be very proud. You're following right into their footsteps."

I grin. "I know, I really am. How's the baby?"

I hear my Aunt sigh in satisfaction. "Pregnancy is coming up. My belly is huge! But I think this is going to bring our family closer, you know? There's something positive coming up, bringing us all together. Christmas break will only be easier for all of us, unlike last year."

I sigh quietly, feeling really happy for my aunt and uncle but something inside of me wasn't too happy about the pregnancy. I'm all for it and I'm counting down the days till I'd be able to see my little baby, but the word family didn't really satisfy me. My family was long gone and now that I was in college, I was slowly parting from the family that accepted to take me in. This baby would only replace me, and the jealousy in my heart bugged me. I frowned at the fact that I was feeling jealous from a not-even-born-yet baby.

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