《"Sneak Peek"》

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You will call me crazy after this update. Okay I admit.

Some will say that they could have waited for next chapters but sorry I can't wait.

I am getting very impatient writing this secret here. This is only for my readers who are getting worried about Ariana and Xavier. Others can wait outside till next chapters updates.

I am going crazy as I am giving a big hint of this story and please don't make it go in dustbin in one throw.

I have not written my chapters in advance but I am sharing what is going to be possible in upcoming chapters. 

I may change the dialogues and timings but the base lines will remain same.

Here you go.

'Why can't you just tell her?', Rachael says.

'And what are we gonna do if she asks about my family and who did all that?', Xavier says.

'Umm...I am actually very sure about one particular thing.', Rachael says.


'You love her very much and you can't help it.'

'I am not ashamed to admit it.'

'Oh My Gosh! I am flattered that my husband loves his ex-wife that much.'

'Rachael, please.'

'Okay. I'll stop here.'


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