Chapter 4

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Ohh God! What's happening to me. I can't feel like this. This is not possible. Mr steel has a great effect on me, well on everyone. I bet It is because of his beautiful features. Yeah because of his grey eyes.

Right now I was currently on the school bus, looking out the windows and thinking about the weird things that I am feeling toward Him. That's ridiculious. The bus's horn brought me out of my daydream. I look up to see that It was my stop and everyone was looking at me confusion on their face , even the driver was looking at me in the rear mirror. I quickly grab my bag and went out the bus. Suddenly feeling the evening breeze on my face, I relaxed.

Today there's a competition at my martial art course. I had to get ready quickly and get there. Yeah I take martial art courses since 3 years till now. Specifically I learn the famous 'Wing chun'. I have always been interested in chinese's way of fighting so I took the course. Living as an independent woman can be tough so self defense is a must. I really love going there. It's there where I take out all my frustration.

I got in the house, my mother was on the couch in the living room , reading some magazine. I greeted her.

"Good afternoon Mom" I greeted.

"Ohh Good afternoon kat! There is pizza in the microwave, go and eat if you're hungry.


I went in the kitchen and heated the pizza and put it in a plate and planning ti bring it upstairs to my room

As you can see, I wasn't that close to my mother. But she is not cruel. Just distant. I actually don't have a problem with that. As long as  she keeps out of my way. I had nothing against her. As I passed by Max' room, music was blaring loud. When I peeped inside. He was dancing in his towel. I rolled my eyes. Typical Max.

" Hey Asshole" I greeted him with a smirk.

He stopped dancing and glared at me. Then he smirked.

" Oh hey the one who wants to make the world a woman's world" he mocked. I got angry at his words.

I entered his room in full force and drop my bag and plate on his bed then quickly kicked his ass. His towel dropped and luckily he was wearing his underwear.

" Ohh hey woman!! What's wrong huh"? He said as he rubbed his poor ass.

" What did I say wrong! It's true sister!! Sometimes I think that you are a man in the skin of a girl " He said rubbing his finger on his chin in mock thought.

" yeah !! And you are the contrary" I smirked. He glared at me. He is too over dramatic for a boy. He is 3 years older than me. While I am 18 he is 21, but still behave like a child. And his teasing is non- stop. Well at least he talks to me unlike my other big brother, Michael. He is 25 and hates my guts because of my way of thinking. He thinks that woman should stay at home and tend their husbands and children. Women should not be given the liberty to cross boundaries. That chauvinist bastard just like my father.

I grabbed my bag and plate, went to my room. Firstly I sat on my couch and began to eat my slice of pizza, thinking about the competition today which I have taken part. I hope I'll win. Well I'll try my best. I looked around my room, taking in the light grey walls. My room was pretty much simple. A double bed in the middle with a window in front of it and At the left of bed there is my 4 seaters white couch.I  had a small walk in closet and my Homework table was at the right of the room. I got up, quickly took a bath and wore a black skinny jeans and a grey tshirt and wore a black vans on it. I braided my hair to the side and I took my denims jacket.I took a bag and filled it with my fighting closthes and some bills.

I took the bus and arrived there. I entered the hall with my bag slung on my shoulder. There were many people, probably they came to watch. And I saw my other friends, already changed in their fighting closthes, practising. I quickly went to the changing room. I felt nervous seeing the number of people. But I have no time to feel weak. I have to do this for myself. There will be no harm if I lose, at least I will know that I tried. Looking at myself in the mirror and breathed hard to keep myself under control.

You can do this. You can do this

I repeated again and again while I change in a white pant and white knee-length robe. I tie a white belt tightly around my waist. I calmed myself, cracked my neck and knuckles. And I was ready.

I walk out of the changing room with head held high and myself oozing confidence.

I can do this.

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