Chapter 24

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"What smells so good?" I asked as I walked into the kitchen after a long shower.  I could smell bacon and my beautiful boy was hustling around from the fridge to the stove to the counter.

"I'm making breakfast," he replied proudly.  "Can we invite Ajax and Benji?  I made lots of pancake batter and we have lots of eggs and bacon too."

"Of course baby, I'll text Ajax."  I texted AJ and got a reply a few minutes later.  "They'll be up in 15 minutes, what can I do to help?"

"I don't need any help Master, I'm really good at making breakfast!" He replied as he set several items onto the counter with a big smile on his face.

"Well I'll set the table and you tell me if you need help with anything okay?"

"Yes Master," he assured me as he began pouring out pancakes onto the large electric skillet.  I set the table and watched Finn masterfully flip pancakes, turn bacon and even cut up fruit.

"Do you think anyone will want toast too with their eggs or just pancakes….hmmm…I'd better make a little toast too," he thought out loud.  I smiled…Finn was so eager to please and make everyone happy.

When I had finished setting the table, I poured some coffee and sat at the counter and watched Finn.  My pet looked like he was deep in thought.  "What are you thinking about? I asked him.

"Umm…you know how we're going to visit Ajax' mother today?"


"I…I was wondering…about your parents?"  he replied carefully.

"My parents have both passed away, baby.  My father just a few years ago and my mama when I was a little boy."

He looked so stricken, "I'm so sorry Master!  I…I didn't know.  I'm really sorry!"

"So you see," I added, "we have some things in common."  He nodded solemnly and paused for a moment before he went back to his preparations.

With his back to me he asked one more question, "Were you close?"

"Yes, baby.  I was especially close with my mama, she was my whole world when I was a little boy.  I was also close with my father, but nothing like with her.  It was very hard on me," I admitted.  "And then a year later, my father married Lucy, Ajax's mother and that's how we became brothers."  I tried to keep my voice upbeat and spare him the sadness that filled me every time I thought about my mother.

I then realized I had never shared any of that with my previous Subs.  Hell, no one knew much about my childhood except Ajax.  The room was quiet for a bit until I heard a knock at the door and I went to let AJ and Benji in.

Breakfast was a hit and I made sure to praise Finn several times about the great job he had done.  Ajax and Benji did the same and my boy was glowing with pride.

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