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Chapter 8:

            I couldn't believe what Sara had just said to me. The cab driver had found us. We both screamed, and the employee who was working at the cash register had a concerned expression.

            "Alice? Hello? Is everything alright?"

            "HELP!" I yelped into my phone, hysterically, running up to Sara. I looked out the window that she was pointing at, and sure enough, the man spotted us and started heading towards the store.

            "Alice? Alice?!" Harry was yelling, frantically. I didn't have time to answer.

            I turned and saw a door on the other side of the shop. "Sara! This way, let's go!" I pulled her arm, and soon we were both bolting out the door.

            "Harry, we are at the Shell gas station off of Market Street, running back in the direction of the In 'n' Out," I was out of breath, "Please have your bus driver come get us. I'll explain once we're safe."

            "Okay, we're coming right now," he responded, panicked, "Stay on the phone so I can know you're safe."

            I was running with all the power I had inside me. I was afraid to turn around, but once I did, I saw that the fellow from the taxi was only a hundred or so feet behind us. Sara screamed the entire time.

            "Sara! SHUT UP!" I screamed, and then lowered my voice, "You're only making it easier for him to spot us." She nodded and we ran away in the darkness.

            Suddenly, a firm hand grasped on to my wrist and pulled me into a huge bush. "Shit!" I exclaimed, startled.

            "SHHH! It's only me," the familiar voice of Sara replied. "Let's hide here until he passes us." I nodded my head, and we sat there in the darkness for what felt like hours. I forgot that Harry was on the phone.

            "Harry?" I whispered, "We're all right, we are hiding in a bush. I'll tell you where we are once we come out."

            "Okay," he breathed, and I could tell by his voice that he was almost as panicked as we were.

            "Wait, be quiet; I think I hear something," Sara said, her voice only a whisper. Sure enough, we watched in fright as the man jogged past us, his eyes darting left and right, looking for us. I held my breath.

            We waited another ten minutes before we stood up. The man was nowhere to be seen.

            "Holy fuck, that was scary. I'm shaking," Sara told me. I looked over at her and watched as silent tears raced down her cheeks. This was the only time that I didn't know how to comfort my best friend.

            "Okay, Harry, we are on Market Street, across from Benny's Candle Shop," I was still crying as I put my phone to my ear.

            "Good, we're almost there. Are you alright?" Harry seemed more than concerned.

            "I- I'm fine-just a little shaken up," I stuttered.

            "Mkay," Harry didn't sound too convinced, probably because he could hear Sara's sobs through the phone.

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