Bomus Chapter: The Proposal Part 2

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"I love you." Noah says as we drive down the road. "Oh." I say, looking out the window. "Ummm....aren't you going to say it back?" He asks, looking over at me.

"What? Sorry, I wasn't listening." I say dumbfounded. "You're stupid." He says, when we finally stopped he got out and stood in front of the truck.

I crossed my arms and sat there, after a minute I rolled the window. "I'm not getting out until you open my door like a nice boy!" I object, he sighs and opens my door.

"You're so spoiled." He says, I laugh and pat his cheek. "Oh honey..." I shake my head and we walk into the place.

After dinner (and talking miserably for an hour), We went home. "Thalia, theres something important I have to ask." He says, taking my hand as we walk inside the house.

"Well hurry up and speak, child." I say, grabbing my hand back from his. "Well I've been thinking," He takes puts his hands in his pockets, going through the stuff. He silently curses himself.

"And," I go on impatiently waiting. "I'm getting tired. Can we just finish this in the morning?" He shakes his head, my eyes catch the image of David sliding on the ground; making groaning noises. "Here boss." He whispers, then looking up at me, handing Noah a tiny box. Then slowly backing up, his gaze never leaving mine.

"Well...okay then." I say, my eyes crossed as I raise an eyebrow at his unsolved stupidity. "Stutter Girl, we've been together for a while. I really like a lot. And...I was thinking...maybe you'd wanted to marry me?"

"Took you long enough," I whisper with a glare, then smiling up at him. "Anyways! Of course!" I laugh.

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