Never Enough:

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Zendaya's Pov:

" Daya!" Keala Exclaimed, as soon as she saw me walk into the building and came over to me quickly, she was already dressed in her costume. 

" Keala!" i exclaimed back laughing at my friend.

" So.. I've heard some rumours go around..." she said to me slowly grinning, " Ohh hey guys!' she exclaimed to my family, " I'm Keala." she greeted them.

I waited until they where done with the greeted and spoke up, " what rumours?" i asked her.

" well its more like i hear Hugh and Zac talking." she grinned at me.

" and what did they say?" i asked tilting my head question at her.

" well it seems that our dear Mr Efron was in such a daze when he walked in to the backstage set, that Hugh had to physically, slap Zac in the face a little to break him out of it." she told me.

I gasped a little, my hands going to my face, " is he okay!?" i said to her worried, " Hugh didn't hit him to hard did he?" i asked.

Keala chuckled at me as my family looked amused, " No is fine." she told me, making me relax, " Hugh only hit him enough to snap him out not to hurt him." she assured me.

" Okay..." i breathed out, " so was that the rumour or story then?" i asked her.

Keala shook her head, " no." she said grinning again, " Hugh asked him what was wrong and all Zac said and i quote was, ' she's stunning...'" she told me grinning, " what did you do to the poor thing?" she asked me.

" what makes you think he was talking about me? " i asked, crossing my arms, and tried to keep myself from blushing.

" Really Daya?" my mom asked me, specking up.

" he could have been talking about someone else." i shrugged my shoulders, though the thought made me a bit angry.

" So then..." Keala continued smirking at me, " Hugh asked him who and Zac said, My own Anne Wheeler, Zendaya..." she told me, making me gap at her in shock.

" what?" i asked not believe what she had said, my family all looking at me with huge smiles on their faces.

" Daya!" Keala exclaimed to me happily, " Zac's like in love with you!" she squealed, " he called you his very own Anne Wheeler!"

" so..." i begun, holding a hand out and looked at her in shock, " Zac likes me...?" i asked slowly.

Keala nodded to me fast, " yeah and if you don't believe me, Hugh also asked Zac if he like you." she said smiling at me.

" Well!" i exclaimed, " What did he say!?" i asked her, shaking her shoulders a bit.

" If you stop shaking me i will." she laughed, making me stop immediately, " he said, ' since the day i saw her.' " she told me, " thats so Adorable!" she exclaimed.

" Really!?!" i asked wide eyed, " you can't joke with me on this Keala!" i told her, pointing warningly.

Keala just shook her head and smiled really big, " I'm not kidding, Zac like you back!" she exclaimed.

" Ahh!!!" i let you and hugged her, jumping up and down with her, " Keala you are amazing, with those nosey ears of yours!!" i squealed happily, before letting her go.

" I know." Keala smirked at me, making me laugh.

I turned to my family and squealed, rushing up to them excitedly, " did you here what Keala said!?" i asked pointing to Keala next to me.

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