Paul is knocking hard on the door. Liam calls him and puts it on loud speaker.

"YOU MISSED SOUNDCHECK!" He screams into the phone. Crap, we did miss soundcheck. Liam starts running around the room in circles.

"We're gonna have to cancel the show."

"No we cant! What about the fans?"

"What if the microphones stuff up while we are there?"

Louis comes back from where ever he went. "Hey guys?"

"Nothing has changed since yesterday."

"What about the instruments?"

"We can do he fresh prince of Bel Air rap."

"Yeh i guess."

"GUYS!" Louis screams.

"WHAT? WE HAVE A PROBLEM HERE!" Liam yells spinning around.

"There is a back door..."

Everyone turns to look at the shop lady who just stands there like an idiot.

"Why didn't you tell us there was a back door?" Niall says.

"Yo-You didnt ask." She blushes.

"Come on." I say. We walk past the counter and through the back door into another hallway. 

"Where do you think this will come out?" Zayn asks.

"Hopefully a derolict shop so we can make a quiet exit." Louis says. A door apears up ahead and we all run towards it. We come out in the back of a pharmacy in the area that can only be used by pharmacists.

"BURGLARS!" A man in a white coat screams, pointing at us. He runs over to the wall and pulls a handle which locks the door behind us and the one at the front of the shop. A red light flashes on the wall and 'POLICE' lights up on the wall.

"Oh crap." Niall says, cursing under his breath.

"Th-there has been a missunderstanding. We are One Direction, a British and Irish boy band. We got mobbed and forced into a shop. We need to get out for a concert we have later on! We dont want your medicine!" Liam cries, pleading with the pharmacist. Everyone in the shop is looking at us. A little girl about 7 startrs pulling at her mums sleave, pointing at my face.

"Look mummy its Harry Styles!" Everyone looks at the little girl, whose orange hair falls in curls around her face and then they look up at me. Two teenage girls in the corner start screaming and pushing people out of the way.

"ONE DIRECTION!" The brunette squeals.

"Who the bloody hell is One Direction?" The same pharmacist as before says. 

"Like we said before- PAUL HELP US HE THINKS WE WANT TO ROB THE STORE!" Liam shrieks when Paul and the other security guards stop at the window. Seconds later flashing lights and about 20 police men appear, all holding thier guns. Pointing them through the glass.

"Put your hands above your head and walk towards the window." One with a megaphone says.

"I am scared." Niall whimpers. We do as the man says and walk to the door as Paul tries speaking to him.

"Get on your knees and put your hands on your head." He says through the mega phone again, sticking some keys in the door.

"Sir this is the members of One Direction. Surely you have heard of them, they are the biggest boy band in the world right now. We have a concert ot get to."

"Proof?" He says to Paul who pulls out a badge and a piece of paper. The police officer nods and motions something to al the other officers. They lower their guns and walk away. Out of the corner of my eye I see 4 feet tip toeing towards me. Next thing i know the sound of grinding scissors and a slight pressure on my head appears, then the feet run away. I look down at the ground where a few pieces of my hair have fallen. They didn't...

"YOU CUT MY HAIR!" I jump up and turn around, looking for the girls. But i dont have time to find them becuase Paul runs in and ushers us out.

"They cut my hair!" I keep saying as we run. "They cut my curl off!" I said it again.

"HARRY SHUT UP!" Paul yells.

"But they cut my hair!"

"Haz i think you'll find that they actually cut Boo's hair." Zayn says, supressing a laugh.

"No, Louis was on the other side of the room." I state.

"No, Boo from the movie. You are still wearing the costume." Everyone bursts out laughing and I realise we are all still wearing our costumes from before. How did i not notice that? We reach the black limo and by now i am laughing too. I pull off the little wig with its pink clips and chuck it on the ground. Louis pulls off his dino-head and Zayn takes off his captain hat. Liam pulls back the chicken head and Niall just sits there as he didnt have a head garmet.

"Well, we got some good clothes for the next concert." Louis says looking at our costumes.

"Oh my god." Liam starts. "Oh my god oh my god oh my god!"

"WHAT?" Zayn shouts.


sorry for the short chapter! its very dissapointing. but i have plans for later on in the story and i am thinking about doing a sequel to this one. so the rest of this story will be the tour and then i will do a second one for what happens after that. i dont want ot give anything away but i hope you read the second one! but in the last chapter of this story i will give you the title of the second one. :)