Will You Like What I Like?

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                * Humor – even serious stories about heartbreak need a little comic relief from time to time.

                * New and interesting ideas, surprises, and twists. I’m not big on the clichés. If a story has to have them, I at least want twists on them.

                * Characters with depth – multiple facets to their personalities, realistic imperfections, good characters who aren’t all good and bad characters who aren’t all bad, and good back stories.

                * Great writing – stories that flow, feel right, and keep me turning the page (clicking the arrow).

                * Plot beyond two people falling in love. I want interesting things to happen. It doesn’t have to be an epic battle. It could be a bunch of funny incidents, characters going through emotional growth, or some great secondary characters. I need spice to keep me interested.


                What do I hate? (Of course this is longer – forgive me!)

                * Man whores and players! OMFG! They are everywhere! A story has to be brilliant in other respects for me to get past the lead male being a man whore. I like bad boys – bullies, loners, discipline cases, bank robbers, bikers, mobsters, mercenaries, pirates, ruthless corporate types, whatever, but men/boys who have sex with anyone and treat them like expendable trash and especially those that lie to get it piss me off. When girls fall for these guys, I think they are stupid and I don’t like stupid lead characters. The girl also always seems to be a virgin in these stories. Where is the story where the girl is a slut but mends her ways when she meets her fated mate who is a virgin guy? Seriously! Please PM me when you find this story! I want to read it. I’d write it myself but I don’t have ideas beyond that for it – yet.

                * Easy forgiveness – as an extension of the man whore bit, I absolutely hate it when a girl forgives a guy for cheating (by that I mean more than a kiss) after they both know they are fated mates. Making her jealous or getting revenge should never work to get the girl! If a girl is going to forgive this, it should require a ton of groveling and time.

                * Rejection stories – stupid lead characters again! If the story’s werewolf lore includes fated mates, then rejecting your fated mate is just stupid. It usually seems like the guy rejects the girl because he’s a man whore and doesn’t want to stop his whoring ways – that is a stupid dishonorable character that I’m never going to love. There has to be a really good reason for the rejection – like the man is a man whore or he’s evil. In that case, it should be the girl who rejects the guy. However, it also makes no sense to me that a good smart character’s fated mate would be that stupid or evil. Rejection (temporary) only makes sense to me if one of the mates isn’t a werewolf and is therefore clueless.

                * Love triangles – For me to love a story with a love triangle, it has to be amazing in other respects. It usually denotes a wishy-washy weak character that can’t make up their mind.

                * Glaring inconsistencies, bad timing, and unrealistic problem resolution – Stories where everything happens over the course of a few days when it logically should have taken months. The girl who was raped practically jumps in bed with the guy. The abused girl who supposedly went mute but talks up a storm an hour into the story and becomes super bubbly on day two.

                * Stories that should have stopped in the middle – I’ve read some stories that would have been great if they stopped at chapter 30, 50, whatever, but they kept going to 100. They were popular so the author wanted to keep going and ended up ruining it. The worst offenders use amnesia to reset everything.

                * Stories that aren’t finished in one book – sequels are great but they should be about secondary characters or the further adventures of… I want the main plot tied up in one book. I want my most important questions answered. If a really long book needs to be broken up then I want a warning – call it “Part 1 of 3” or something. I can’t stand it when these sneak up on me! When reading published books, I never start a trilogy until all three books are available. Occasionally I will still love a book like this that snuck up on me but I’m still pissed about it.

                * Clichés - You know that story where the man whore meets the shy virgin, rejects her, she comes back looking totally hot, he says he wants her now, she accepts, they get attacked by rogues, he kills them looking all hot, and they live happily ever after? I’m never going to recommend that story!


                A point about my notes on grammar, style, and word usage: I will often describe issues I had. I’m admittedly a stickler. These notes are more for readers who often have problems reading stories with errors. If a few errors a page don’t bother you, then please disregard these notes. If I say I got past the issues I found, then most people with pet peeves about these things should too.


                Enjoy the stories on this list! I will keep adding the gems as I find them. – V.B.

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