Will You Like What I Like?

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Will You Like What I Like?

                These are my personal thoughts on stories I’ve read on Wattpad for the genre: Werewolf. The stories may have any other genre as well: teen fiction, humor, romance, etc. Reviews on other genres I read will be coming out later in separate “stories”. You can find all of these stories in the reading lists on my profile. They are named Favorite – Werewolf and Good – Werewolf. Reading lists for other genres are also available.

                I’m a voracious reader. On average, I read one completed story per day. If I’m having bad luck, I may start and give up on several different stories in a day. In general, I read at least five chapters but usually ten to fifteen chapters before I give up on a story. One in five stories I read to completion ends up on this list as a Good or Favorite. So the list may be long but I’m actually picky.

                I mark stories as “Favorite” or “Good”. Anything less and it’s not here since I don’t recommend it. I point out likes, dislikes, and any issues I had but if it’s here I got past any issues. Good vs Favorite is just my gut reaction to the story. If it’s on this list, then I liked it a lot and recommend it. I don’t publish negative reviews (average, bad, horrible). I’ve recently started keeping a list of the stories I don’t like with notes on why just so I don’t accidentally read them again but I don’t want to publish those. I don’t want to discourage writers or be nasty.

                I will never lie to you. I don’t contact authors except to dedicate the “chapter” to them so they know about it. I don’t vote trade or ask them to read my stories or anything like that. These are my honest opinions with nothing influencing them. I started this list because I couldn’t find one just for werewolf stories. I’m constantly looking for werewolf stories here so I went looking for this list. It didn’t exist so I created it. Feel free to disagree and post your own opinions in the comments. You can also recommend stories to me. These are just my personal opinions, likes, and dislikes. I feel we are all entitled to have our own. If you agree with mine, you’ll probably like the stories I list here. I don’t expect everyone to agree! :)


                So what do I like?

                * Strong female characters! They don’t have to tote guns, being strong emotionally is more important. I do love a girl who can fight though. The girl with the hilarious comebacks who punches the queen beeotch in the nose is my favorite.

                * Honorable male characters – even thieves have their own code of honor. If the strong woman is going to fall in love with them, they need to be worth it! They can become worth it over the course of the story but I have to believe it.

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