Cold Feet; Kevin Durant

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India's P.O.V.

I looked in the mirror at my beautiful wedding dress. It was made in Paris by one of the top fashion designers in the world.
"Nothing but the best in the world for the love of my life." Kevin said.
It was white, embedded with diamonds, and trimmed with gold. It fit my body perfectly and I saw no flaws in myself when I looked in the mirror. In the background, I saw my close friends Ayesha, Steph's wife, and Rosalyn, Klay's girlfriend, behind me, scrambling to get things together.

Mama Durant, fixed my hair a bit before smiling down at me.
"You okay sweetie?"

I bit my lip nervously and sighed.
Today was my wedding day.
I shouldn't be nervous.
I should be excited and confident.
I'm getting married to the love of my life.
The most amazing, sweetest, most loving and selfless man I've ever met, who loved me with all his heart.
I shouldn't be having second thoughts.
Before I could even process what I was thinking, I just broke down.
Tears started pouring down and my anxiety climbed up. Ayesha and Rosalyn ran over to comfort me asking what was wrong but I just put my head in my hands.

"I don't know if I can do this." I sobbed.

"What!?" Ayesha, Rosalyn, and Wanda yelled.

"I...I have to go." I said, picking up my dress and running into the hallway.

I ran down the empty hallway until I found an empty utility closet and cried.
What if we're not ready?
What if we're to young?
What if we can't handle the pressure of marriage?
I heard heels clacking and Ayesha's voice.

"Where the hell did she go?"

"She couldn't have gone that far, She is wearing a 450,000$ dress." Wanda sighed.

Rosalyn started to say something then paused and whispered something to them. Soon their heels clicked away and the what if's came back into my mind.
What the hell have I gotten myself into?

Kevin's P.O.V.

I felt a pat on the back from Stephen as I stood at the alter nervously. He gave me a reassuring smile and I felt a smile come onto my face at the sheer thought that I was actually about to marry the woman of my dreams.
She had made me feel things that I've never felt about another woman. I was in love with her and everything about her. From her amazing and loving personality down to her beautiful body. The fact that she handled her own and didn't depend on me, even though I still spoiled her.
There was no doubt in my mind that this was meant to be. I had no doubts about what I was about to do.
I looked down at my watch and slowly tapped my foot.
20 minutes.
I had been standing here for twenty minutes waiting for this beauty to walk down the alter and she has yet to appear.

I looked up to see my mom and Ayesha across the hall and raised an eyebrow as they motioned me to come forward. I cleared my throat and walked out quickly.

"What the hell is going on!?" I growled.
I looked around. "Where is my fiancé? She's twenty minutes late!"

"About that.." Ayesha sighed.

I sighed and rubbed my face.
"What happened?"

India's P.O.V.

Here I was.
Still in this, Lysol smelling, utility closet, crying. I heard heavy footsteps and quieted my sobs when I heard Kevin's soft voice through the doors.

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