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i got my cartilage peirced this last saturday im so edgy:) also this is hella short lmao oooooops

Your POV

"Bitch I swear to-"

"Wyatt! Language." I laughed, shoving him to the side a bit.

"Ugh. Stop the live then."

milliebobbybrown: ship

"Millie what are you doing here!? Happy birthday by the way."

milliebobbybrown: kiss

milliebobbybrown: it can be my bday present


Wyatt grabbed my face and I felt his lips on mine. I dropped my phone.

He pulled away after a second or two.

"Sorry boo, I'd much rather do that than buy a gift," Wyatt said, "I actually would've liked to do that anyway." He whispered.

I picked my phone back up and the chat was blowing up. My face was beet red and I quickly ended the live before anything happened.

"You like me?" I asked, turning to the boy.

" 'Course I do you dork. You're adorable."

I smiled, "So are you, Wy."

"Wanna re-do?"


"The kiss! It was way too short, in my opinion."

"You're an idiot."

"Just kiss me."


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