15 days later

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Cardi pov
I started throwing up. I started crying. I can't be. Armani's only 1 month. I can't take care of my niece and a baby. I'm gonna take care of him or her tho. I went to Walgreens to pick up 3 pregnancy tests. I take a deep breath then go back to make breakfast. I ate and trey came down to kiss me. I kissed him and ate in silence. "Baby u-" I cut him off. "I'm okay baby I'm just feeling sick". He looked at me before finishing breakfast. I went to the bathroom and locked the door. I opened the pregnancy test. When I saw the results i cried.
I put everyone in a group chat and called trey. "Wassup babygirl" I showed him the tests and he hugged me tight. I heard him cry and trey never really cries. "I'm so happy man I don't even know" he said.

Me: I'm a mommy everyoneAirii🍫: AHHHHHHHHHH OMGSissyyyy👭: IM AN AUNTTTTT

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Me: I'm a mommy everyone
Sissyyyy👭: IM AN AUNTTTTT. Cj second cousin
Queenith👑: yasssss boo slay yo pregnancy
Bigbromon💪🏽:yasssss uncle 2nd favorite
Clarebare🐻: I'm so excited
Traytray👫: ❤️❤️

I'm happy that I have my family supporting me. I still have to call mom. Dad was always a hateful person so idk if he'll be ok but idgaf because imma get me and mines.
C: bacardi💙
C: mamá (mom)
M: ¿Qué pasa bebé (What's up baby)
C: estoy embarazada ( I'm pregnant)
M: *screams*
C:mamá (mom)
M: estoy tan feliz (I'm so happy) *cries*
End of call

Unknown POV:
TRAYLOR better watch his back.... laughing in that bitch face... he hurt my sister feelings. Warren idgaf about cause u loose u snooze but trey... my sister is miserable and he's gonna pay

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