Part 5: Ula'ula Island

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[Name]'s POV

"Team Skull! Give that Pokémon back!" two Aether Foundation Members order, one looking more official than the other. I walk over to see A and B with a Slowpoke cowering behind them. I sigh and step forward, the two guys yelping and jumping back in fear. "Do I need to kick your ass again?" I ask them while reaching for a Pokéball. They don't back down and within a few seconds of the battle, their Pokémon are sent flying. The two Grunts run off, leaving behind the Slowpoke and the normal Aether girl smiles at me. "Thank you, Miss," she bows and I smile. "No problem," I respond and the older man grins, "You are a splendid Trainer, Trial-goer. I would like to reward you, so once you finish your Trial, meet me at Hano Grand Resort and I will take you to somewhere wonderful," he tells me before the two walk off.

I continue down the path, battling the Trainers along the way, and right when I go to enter Olivia's Trial, someone stops me. "You must be, [Name]. Gladion talks about you a lot. I'd go as far as saying he's crushing on you," I turn around to see a girl wearing all black with orange and pink hair. "I'm Plumeria. Team Skull refers to me as their "Big sister"," she says and walks up to me. "I can tell you realized how big of idiots these guys are. But don't think I find you picking on my dumb brothers and sisters cute. It really annoys me," she growls and I scoff.

"They're the ones that challenged me. And maybe tell that one bitch not to slap Gladion. I protected him and took the hit myself, but he doesn't deserve that shit," I tell her, and this news surprisingly comes off as a shock to her. "What?!" she asks and I nod. "Some of your "brothers and sisters" abuse him," I tell her and she frowns. "I didn't know... thank you for telling me," she nods and I smile. "Gladion is a friend of mine, I don't want to see anything bad happen to him," I tell her and she nods. "I like you. You're good for Gladion. You have my approval," she states before walking off.

I chuckle and shake my head while continuing up the path and walking over to the entrance of the Ruins of Life. "[Name]!" I spin around to see Burnet and Lillie. "Hey!" I grin and my cousin's wife laughs. "Lillie got lost again, and I thought it would be best to bring her to you. Now that she's here, I will be off to see the Masked Royal battle," she grins and walks off. "I came here for Nebby, well I was more brought here," Lillie smiles slightly. I giggle and we look at the entrance to the ruins. "The guardian deity of Akala Island is supposed to wait within there. Tapu Lele's ruin," she states and I grin.

"[Name]! And the other one I've seen with Kukui," Olivia grins at us while strutting out of the Ruins. "My Name is Lillie," Lillie bows to her. "Nice to meet you. And [Name], thank you for getting to know the people and Pokémon of Alola, but now it's time to face me for your Grand Trial," she grins and I grab my Pokéball. "Let's do this," I smirk and she sends out her first Pokémon and I send out mine. "I'm excited for our battle, Champion," she smirks and I wink. "Don't hold back on me," I tell her and we engage in battle.

Blow after blow are exchanged and I grin seeing as my Pokémon are stronger than hers. I win the battle without any trouble and she smirks. "You really are the best. The Rock-Type Z-Crystal is yours," she hands me it. "To use the Rockium Z, do these moves," she shows me what to do. Lillie watches in amazement and I grin and Olivia smiles. "Watch out for those Rock-Types, they're strong, sturdy, and tough. So nothing like me at all!" she laughs and I giggle. "But you are strong, Olivia," I tell her and Nebby floats over with a smile, while Mew circles us and does flips.

Lillie and Olivia start talking to each other, before Olivia looks at Cosmog. "You really are an interesting Pokémon," she says then faces me. "I think your journey will hold many surprises and also many joys. I'll escort Lillie back to town for you," she tells me and we leave the Ruins of Life. We start to make our way back to Konikoni City when someone starts running towards us. "You're Kahuna Olivia. I'm Hau," Hau grins and stops once he's in front of us. "You need to let me battle you," he states and Olivia chuckles. "Hey, [Name]! Did the weird guy with green hair, not your friend, the one from Aether Foundation, did he tell you to meet him at the resort?" Hau asks me and I nod.

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