Shelby glanced back one more time.

I closed my eyes.

Shelby's POV Flashback Time

I glanced back at Gem. I know there was a three seater in front of her, but the back level was elevated.

Gem had her head on Andy's shoulder, and she looked at me, closing her eyes.

Andy looked at her, sighed, and wrapped his arm around her to her other arm, bringing her closer.

Her breathing slowed, declaring she was asleep. Andy looked at her, and placed his head on hers, and soon, he too fell asleep. Rosheen occasionally glanced in their direction, shrugging, and staring back at her phone.

 Rosheen occasionally glanced in their direction, shrugging, and staring back at her phone

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Rosheen ^, AKA, Ross's Sister

Present Time, Jess's POV

Gem got off of me when I nodded. The next week, they'd created the River Army, and two weeks later, Gem turned 13. A month later, she was kidnapped. It's been two years. Something happened the day after she played that song though. I never knew what happened, but that somehow created the River Army.

Gem's POV

I got off of Jess, and went back to my own business.


How was Max?

How much longer until Jess discovers I lied to her?

About what?

Oh, Bella, Rosheen, Sammy, Ralfie, and most importantly.......


When is he going to find a way to rescue us, and how do I explain that he didn't die at all?

The cell door slammed open, and a worker grabbed Jess, injecting her with the weakening shot.

She went limp, but her eyes still darted around, and she looked at me as she was carried bridal style.

Oh HECK no.

I ain't leaving this gosh darn prison.

The man came toward me with the needle, and I sprinted.

Into a corner, just great.

The man came near, and injected me with the terrible needle.

I felt all of me fall asleep, so I was unable to talk, move, anything. Except move my eyes.

"Oh little Princess Gem, you're not getting the same treatment as everybody else," the man said, snickering.

He slung me over his shoulder, my legs dangling, and I used all my strength, and managed to slightly kick my legs.

He dropped me onto the floor, smiling.

He held up another needle, and stabbed my arm with it.

I suddenly felt nauseous, and my vision swam.

He put me on my feet, and I fell back down.

He dragged me for a second, and then threw me over his shoulder again.

The Man's POV

I snickered. I always loved to drag her around, Gem was so fun to play with. I angled her so that her eyes looked into mine.

I know that even though she couldn't see anything but the floor, she still loved seeing the floor.

I shut her eyelids, and saw her eyes swarming, but her face quickly turned green and nauseousness kicked in again.

I slung her over my shoulder.

"Come on Princess, let's go to your favorite olden days castle.



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