~*Chapter 14*~

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Third Person

The girl- for now, let's call her Genie- tackled Jessica, covering the woman's mouth with her hands.

"Nobody," she hissed, "can know my real name, except for the River Army, the people who took me, and Kitty. Welcome to those few lucky people who actually know."

(Of course, I'm mentioning the name later, so you'll then find out.)

Jess thought this over. She wondered what happened to Andy. He used to like 'Genie'. So did some classmate of hers. He was a recruit of the River Army. She loved him, like a brother. He asked her to date him. But she'd told him very quickly, "No."


'Genie's' POV

The River Army leaders stood next to me, promptly agreeing with me.

I was 12, Max was 17 then.

"I already said no!" I yelled.

"Please?" the boy begged.

"No, I won't date you!" I shouted.

"I have a love song for you," he said.

"And I have a song for you to," I replied.

His smile grew, "PLAY IT!"

I opened up YouTube, and started a music video, Nightcore style, obviously.

Credit to NightcoreZin

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and looked up. Max was standing there. All of the leaders of the Sky Army were there, along with Jin, standing next to my friends and our siblings.

Max grabbed my hand.

"Let's go Gem. Rosheen, Ross came in my car, so you're coming in too," Max ordered, "So did everybody else, we brought the magic car."

"But Max!" I yelled.

All the teens grabbed their sibling's hands, and dragged us into the car.

I fought Max, my magical powers weak compared to his, because he had more experience.

Cyan sparks flew off me, and I pulled back.

Max picked me up, and placed me in the back of the magic car, one of the two three-seater parts. Rosheen sat on my left, and Andy sat on my right. They were my closest friends.

"I can't believe he said he'd be nice to Bella if you dated him," Rosheen huffed.

"Yeah, he doesn't even bully Bella," Andy grunted.

"It's Tina he bullies, a fellow member of the River Army, and I know he's going back there to beat her up again," I growled.

Shelby turned from the second isle, a two seater row, and faced me, "Gem, you can't just shut down your fellow member of your Army. Besides, your a leader."

"Andy's the leader," I shot back.

"And your his second in command. He's the commander, your the captain. So technically, you're the second highest rank. You're a leader, so is everybody who's your bestie."

She turned forward again.

I sighed, and Andy placed his hand on my shoulder, and removed it when I placed my head on his shoulder sighing.

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