Bonus Chapter: The Proposal

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"I'm pregnant." I say giving Noah a serious look. "Umm what?" He asks, everyone in the room gets quiet. "I was joking! Hahaha!" I laugh, pointing at his face.

"Don't do that!" He glares. "I was just trying to have harmless fun." I pout. "It wasn't harmless."

"Noah, don't talk back to her." Aaron snaps his finger, one hand on his hip. "Yeah, don't talk back to me." I say, copying Aaron's moves. "I'll talk back if I want to talk back." Noah says, now copying me and Aaron.

"Y'all need help." Shane says, snacking on a banana as he walked past us, giving us a weird eye. "I want a banana." I say.

"That's what she said!" Jason yells from the other room. "No, that's what I said!" I yell.

"My ship...." Daniel whispers, walking past me slowly. "Okay...." I say, staring questionably at his smirking face.

"Alrighty...well, Thalia I want to take you somewhere tonight." Noah says, slowly moving his gaze from Daniel over to me. "Okay! Where are we going? Are you going to take me out to the woods, make a cute picnic full of my favorite foods that you made, then bring a knife out slowly and kill me?" I ask as if I've thought about it before. Hahaha, because I totally haven't...haha.

"I'm pretty sure he wouldn't do that." David says, walking out of the restroom. "I know right! Noah doesn't know how to cook," Aaron says, everyone looks at him. "Oh, yeah but the rest of the stuff is totally possible."

"What?" Noah glares. "I said possible, I didn't say you'd actually do it!" Aaron defends. "Thalia, you can go get ready, we'll be leaving shortly." He says.

"Okay! Daniel, come on." I say, Daniel follows me up stairs and goes through my clothes. "So, what do you want to wear?" He asks, looking at all my clothes.

"Sweatpants and I guess a somewhat fancy but comfortable shirt." I answer. "Girl, please." He says, putting his hand up in my face. "Daniel, real talk....I've been wondering....are you gay?" I ask.

Once we were done he picked me out jeans and a comfortable shirt, I refused to wear the non comfortable shirts he gave me. "Come on, let's go." Noah says opening the bedroom door. "Okayyyy!" I sing, walking past him, making sure to bump our shoulders together.

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