14| War

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"WAR!" Stevie and I both scream with anticipation seeing the two 7 hearts flipped in front of us. While Stevie has been staking out in my room for a little over a day all we did was carelessly play card games. Countless games of goldfish, blackjack, are among others as I lean again the bed. Kyla comes and sits on my lap wanting the stack of cards that are piled messily on top of each other, her little hand reaching for them until I block her.

"Babe, you have all your toys over there! These aren't Kyla toys," I say to her when she pouts to me about not letting her touch the cards.

"Yes!" She squeals at me bringing her big lip out in a pouty frown.

"Kyla?" Stevie arches her brow as my blood runs cold. What was I supposed to say? Damn it, I can't say I forgot her name because what kind of excuse was that? A hot and sticky sweat crawls down my back as I think quickly on my feet of what to say next.

"What?" I ask Stevie deciding I would go with the playing dumb route as if she had misheard me rather then explain my slip up.

"You called her Kyla," Stevie tells me as I put on my best act. I wasn't about to get caught on a technicality. I have worked too hard to keep our identities safe, hell Stevie didn't even know my name. 

"No, I didn't, I said Keke," I give her a look as if she is crazy. I really hoped this was going to work, I could feel my back heat up and sweat through the thin fabric of my t-shirt.

"No, you didn't! I swear you called her Kyla!" Stevie points out creasing her brow as if she wants to keep to her side of the story but is wavering.

"No I didn't, I don't know where you would get that from... especially a name like Kyla," I play along seeing her opinion start to waver. 

"I swear that's what I heard.. you swear you aren't messing with me?" Her big brown doe eyes ask for confirmation while I nod and shrug.

"I promise, why would I lie about something so dumb?" I ask her scoffing to myself in my head. She trusted me and it was time that I put my trust in her, my mind was at war with itself. The less that knew my identity the better yet I came to care deeply about Stevie no matter how much I had pushed her away in the beginning.

I seemed to have convinced her as she sat back while I handled Kyla who was becoming increasingly irritated at the fact I wouldn't giver access to the pile of cards.

"Hey, let me try something," Stevie tells me as I put my arms up and shrug showing her that she is welcome to deal with her little tantrum. "Hey, Keke!" She says in a higher pitched voice to grab her attention.

"Hey, babe look who is talking to you!" I say to Kyla in a similar high voice causing her to snap her head over to Stevie who waves at the little girl. She waves back shyly then goes back to whining and stomping her feet.

"Hey, Keke guess what?!" Stevie says in an overexaggerated tone that she easily responds to.

Kyla shrugs her shoulders to show she is acknowledging what Stevie is talking to her. Kyla shrugs her shoulders wanting her to go on, seeing that Stevie now had her full attention she goes on.

"You know what will happen if you touch Daddy's cards right?" Stevie asks her and she furiously shakes her head intent on hearing what Stevie had to say.

"The tickle monster will come out!" Stevie says winking up at me causing me to begin to wiggle my finger near Kyla's side causing her to squeal and run over to Stevie. She runs into Stevie's arms squeaking as Stevie embraces her and puts a protective arm around her as I creep up on them.

"Oh no!" Stevie raises her voice getting up and running while I follow behind seeing her Kyla's little face turning red from all the laughing.

"Oh no no!" Kyla screamed whenever I would get closer to them. Stevie opens the door and runs out with Kyla in her arms while I again trail behind the both of them hoping to catch them and hold them both captive in my arms.

Stevie makes a circle back to the room and I catch them both in the doorway. I swing Stevie up bridal style and whip them around, twirling them around I am surrounded by contagious giggles and smiles that stretched for miles. 

"Oh No! No! No!" Kyla screams as I attack her in kisses, she tries to push away my face giggling madly as she rejects me.

We spend a few hours playing around and running through the room, the sheets on the bed became the foundation for a fort that Stevie had built for Kyla. We laid in the small confines of the fort and went back and forth making hand animals with the lamp I had moved down to the ground. I got to listen to Kyla's soft chuckles until her eyes fluttered and she succumbs to a peaceful sleep.

Stevie and I climb out of her fort and switch off the lamp on our way out of the small little tent to the side of the bed.

"I'm worn out," Stevie yawns hoisting herself up on the bed where she sighs looking down at her feet that dangle off the bed.

"Keke can do that to you," I say standing up seeing the warpath of pillows and blankets scattered about along with Kyla's toys that were strewn everywhere, to begin with.

"We still haven't finished our war," I tell her looking down at our cards that had surprisingly stayed intact.

"Ten bucks says I won," Stevie tells me with a tired yawn as she sinks back into the bed she looks up at the ceiling then over at me once I respond to her.

"What if I win? What do I get?" I ask Stevie causing her to perk up, she sits up and sits her chin in the palm of her hand.

"What do you want?" Stevie asks me with a tired smirk on her face. She bites her bottom lip and my soul is instantly set on fire from the expression on her face.

"You," I say in a more hushed tone.

"That's a steep price," She arches her brow and pushed her hair back behind her shoulder. "But, I'm willing to give the winner what he wants fair and square," She slides down off the bed and back into her original spot and with a count of three we both flip over our first card.

"Double War!" We both shout in a hushed way making sure not to disturb the baby that was sleeping just a few feet away. Dealing out three more cards on the count of three we both flip over the cards.

She throws her remaining cards at me and I laugh pulling her over to me. It doesn't take her long to then straddle me. I hold her hips and she meets my lips kissing me softly while I run my hands up and down her dainty body. She sits on my lap and our lips attach while our hands explore, hers comb through my hair while mine pulls at her black tank top.

The temperature rose in the room, my skin ignited as I touched her smooth silky hair that ran down her back in beach waves. She rips off my t-shirt and my heart beat races in my chest, my ribcage holding my heart back from burst out of me completely.

Was this going to happen?

"Are we doing this?" She asks me breathing on my neck heavily as she then comes to look at me with her melted honey brown eyes.

That's when a harsh knock pounds against the door, both our heads snap to the door where our eyes are fixated on. Hearts beating to quick my mind couldn't possibly comprehend the anticipation and fear that surged through my bloodstream.

N: How are you guys liking this so far?  I feel like my readers over here are more quiet these days!  I miss talking to you guys and seeing how you feel about things so leave me a comment telling me what you think and if you are still interested in the plot because if not then I may discontinue it and focus on other stories I have;)

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