Chapter Fourteen

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As we walked downstairs Sammy and Taylor sat looking at the stairs to see if it was Jack who had knocked at the door.

"Brooo, you had us all so worried man, what took so long" Taylor said as Jack walked in and settled on a sofa

"Traffic was crazy dude and it took me so long to find her car 'cause I kept forgetting it was her car I was looking for and started looking for my own" he said laughing at his mistakes

"That's what I told miss stressy over here, she was going cray" Sammy saiid which made Lily's cheeks go red, slightly embarrassed

"Hey, I've known him for over 2years now, I'm allowed to worry" she said rubbing her eyes

"Do you wanna dry your clothes bro?" Dillon asked

"Um, my shirt is fine it dried in the car but my pants are still pretty damp, do you mind?"

"Nah bro, I'll give you something else to wear and I'll dry them"

Dillon lead Jack to his room to change leaving me, Sammy, Lily and Taylor alone in his basement.

"Matt's been calling you" Sammy said picking up Lilys phone which sat next to him

"Shit, I was supposed to ring him back" Lily said rushing over to her phone

Lily picked up her phone and began pacing around the basement as she spoke to him, we all secretly listened into their phonecall.

"Hey, yeah no I'm fine...Yeah I just got caught up...I know I'm sorry...Yeah everythings fine, I'll be fine...everyone's here, we'll be fine...yeah just don't worry about me...Okay...Listen I gotta go...Alright...See you later...bye" she sighed as she hung up

"I'm such a bitch" she said as she sat back down on the sofa"

"Why?" Taylor asked

"I really like Matt...I do...I'm just not in the mood right now like I was just kinda blunt to him, he was just worried" she looked stressed like she had a huge weight on her shoulders

"Matts a big boy, he'll understand and get over it" Taylor reassured her

"Hmm, I hope so, I feel bad" she said

"About what?" Jack asked as he joined us again in the basement

"nothing, don't worry" Lily brushed him off leaving him to look like a lost puppy

Dillons mom was nice enough to cook dinner for us all, we all ate and watched a couple films in the basement, the storm went on all night. It was 11pm now and we were all getting a little tired as we sat on the sofa's watching 21 Jump street.

"I'm gonna go to bed, man I'm tired" Dillon said "There's a spare room upstairs, first room on the left, you guys can decide who's gonna stay in there" He continued

"I don't mind sharing down here with someone" Jack said

"I don't wanna sleep up there alone in the storm!" Lily exclaimed

"Well I mean, I don't care where I sleep so I'll sleep up there but that means you two will have to share" Sammy said

"Well it wouldn't be the first time" Jack said with a smirk making Lily roll her eyes and sigh

"If you keep to your own side then I won't care" Lily's voice was stern

"sure, whatever, as long as you can keep your hands off this" Jack's cheekyness continued

"Yeah because I would do that to Matt" Lily didn't enjoy the joking

"Chill, I'm kidding" we all sat awkwardly as the two bickered

"A'ight well I'm gonna go up to bed then, see ya" Sammy said as he begun sprinting up the stairs

"Night" we all called

We pulled out the beds and go comfertable, Taylor laid on his front with his top off whilst I stroked along his back with my long nails causing him to drift asleep. I however had troubles with all the stromy noises. I could vaguely see the outlines of Lily and Jack who's bed was less than a ft away from ours. I watched as Lily sternly tried to keep her distance but once the storm became louder and louder she moved closer to him without making any contact. I tried hard to listen as I heard slight whispers



"I'm scared"

"don't be"

"I can't help it, storms scare me"

"uh..." I heard the sheets move and I saw his body move as if he were turning to face her

"come here" I heard him whisper

"but...but Matt"

"listen, not to be rude but you're not exactly dating are you" his whispers got louder and Lily sighed in response

"Look...if you're scared, I'm here for a friend" I heard the sheets move and watched as his body moved back over where he was before, a strong noise of thunder came through and I wondered how Taylor didn't wake up from it

"Fuck, Jack" I heard her whisper "Jack, I'm fucking scared" the sheets again moved and I watched as his body moved over, this time I saw the outline of his long muscular arms reach out infront of him and pull Lily closer.

I was first awake in the morning, typical, last asleep and first awake. I felt grouchy from lack of sleep and when I had woken up, I saw Lily in Jacks arms which made me feel uncomfertable seeing as she was supposed to be into Matt. Shortly after I woke up, Jack did too. He unwrapped his arms from around her and sat up, rubbing his tired eyes.

"Jack! What the hell was that!" I loudly whispered to him, giving him a shock as he didn't know I was awake

"Yo, where the hell did you come from" he said tiredly laughing as he rubbed his eyes some more

"I saw you two last night and this morning! You know she's into Matt!" I exclaim although I still whispered

"She was don't know" his voice croaked slightly as he whispered

"plus're madly in love with her?!" I said laughing at the thought of Jack ever being in love, it wasn't his thing

"Yeah..maybe...kinda..." he said

"Well, maybe, kinda, doesn't really sound like love to me Jack, you just miss what you can't have"

"no, it's not like that" he said brushing a hand through his hair

"it's what it seems like to me and I don't want to see you hurting my bestfriend...again" I was protective over Lily and Elena although I'd never needed to be with Elena, she was smart when it came to boys, she knew how to handle it. Plus Cam was more of a gentleman than Jack, he knew how to treat Elena right even though they weren't dating and supposedly have never even been a thing. We stopped talking as Lily began to groan as she awoke.

"What time is it" she groaned

"Just gone 10" I tell her

"I'm so tired" she groaned again, pulling the covers up to her face.

Lily fell back to sleep for another half an hour leaving me and Jack in awkward tension, I didn't understand his game with Lily and I don't know if I wanted to, all I wanted right now was to get back home.

(sorry for this chapter being super short)

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