Found Them

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"You guys go," Loki ordered, the Avengers gave him questioning glances "Try and make the Hulk understand who the enemy is...i couldn't bare for Diago to die..." With them fleeting words he quickly vanished past the corner and towards the loud howling calls from his mother.

He sprinted down the halls, opening door after door looking for his adoptive mother .

The continous howls got even louder as he approached a door at the end of the hallway...

Not caring who saw him he quickly pushed the metal door only to find it locked. The God cursed under his breath and paced around that area.

He then felt a cold blade to his throat...He sucked in a breath as the man laughed in his ear.

"Gotcha," he teased, cold breath touching the God Of Mischief' neck.

Suddenly, Loki felt a grasped him and pulled at his insides. He felt a sensational tingling down to his toes right up to his scalp...Loki then smirked, the corners of his eyes wrinkled as his green orbs sparkled with mischief and laughter. The green dressed man broke into long chuckles that soon exploded into loud laughs. He then whispered an indication under his chilly breath before he felt the mans grip loosen as he suddenly fell asleep. Loki still stood smiling at nothing before he spoke into the quite and empty hallway.

"Thank you Odin!" He shouted before putting his large hands on the cold surface of the door and unlocked it with ease. He opened the door to see his family huddled together in a small tube that forced them to snuggle into eachothers bodies as to not get squished. They perked up at the sound of the door opening and they all howled excitedly as Loki approached. Using his given magic he forced the small tube open and the wolves rushed out.

The pups, that were up to his waist, jumped on him, causing him to fall down onto the floor. After the reunion the God looked up to see his wolf mother smiling at him with his eyes.

"I am proud of you Loki- Very Very Proud..."

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