He for keeps??

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When I woke up this morning I remembered everything the night before and all I could do was smile at the fact that Clarence barely knew me but he was nice enough to let me stay here that what I like in a nigga as I was thinking I smelled something really good like bacon and eggs and pancakes 🥞 so I got out of bed and went to go take a shower in this huge ass bathroom and did what I had to do when i realized I don't have any clothes  all the clothes that I had at kellen house was at my job bc those weren't even mines those are my cousins clothes that I borrowed and had to give back being a model I get paid allot but Kellen had it set up to when I get my monthly check it goes directly to his bank so he always had the money.
So I went downstairs and went to find Clarence at the stove with his back facing me with just sweats on and no shirt🤤 oh boyy whew

"Clarence "  I said softly

I'm guessing I scared him bc he jumped so hard I couldn't help but laugh at him

"You scared me" he said turning completely around

"Sorry" I said

then he did that smirk 😏 that had me weak in the mf knees🤣

"Um.... do you have a jacket or something I could where for right now I don't have any clothes "

"Sure I was wondering why you was in a towel😂"

"Ha ha" I smiled

"Come on" with me trailing behind him he took me to his room.
"You can sit on the bed yazz"

"Thx" I smiled up at him

"You welcome"

"Here" he handed me a jacket that said S P I C Y🤤

"Spicy?" I laughed

"Lol yea"

"I have a photo shoot today so when I'm done can we go to the mall"?

"Yea do you want me to come with you"?

"Clarence I literally just said can WE meaning you and me, but now that I think about it nah you don't have to"

"Look yazz i don't know what it is but there's something about you that got me crazy for you Ight and I feel the need to protect you and if you go alone knowing kellen probably gon find you I rather be by yo side "

After the speech Clarence just gave me I couldn't deny the fact that I'm happy I met him


"Ight now since all you in is just my jacket when we get there you need to ask yo manager if you can borrow a outfit after the shoot" he chuckled

"Clarence that's not funny " I giggled

Then why you laughing " he asked, smiling

"Idk come on"

"Ight lemme grab my keys"

"K I'll be downstairs "

"Ight" as Clarence came down I decide to ask for a shirt instead bc I had a idea so he went back upstairs to get me a shirt

"Here" he said handing me the shirt

"Thank you"

"Welcome but why you wanted a shirt?"

"I haven't posted on my ig for awhile so I wanted to take a picture so can you take it plz"?

"Yea" " do that thing that girls do"

"nigga you mean pose😂"

"Yea that😂🤣"

"You so slow but okay we need to hurry so come on"

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