Twenty Seven

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I inhaled deeply through my nose and paused. A hint of smoke filled my nostrils, and I exhaled. I glanced out my window and looked around, not seeing any fire. Cautiously I opened my door and listened.

"Mom?" I called. "Dad?"

No one responded. Light puffs of smoke came floating up the stairs. I took a few steps and tried to peek into the kitchen, but couldn't quite see. I slowly made my way down the stairs as the smoke got thicker. A crackling  sound came from somewhere downstairs, but I couldn't tell exactly where. The smoke was dark gray and became black as I ran into the kitchen. I pulled my shirt up over my face and coughed. The smoke started to burn my eyes, and I strained to see.

Flames were rising from the oven. I could see behind its closed door. Smoke was seeping out and filling the kitchen and moving into the connecting rooms. I rushed over to the sink and opened the cabinet doors to find the fire extinguisher. The smoke alarm started going off, piercing my ears. I flung open the oven door and stood to the side so the rush of flames and smoke wouldn't come right at me. I aimed the extinguisher right for it. I probably overdid it, but I didn't stop until I was absolutely positive that the fire was completely out. I opened the doors and windows to get the smoke out so the fire alarm would finally stop. It seemed like hours until the noise finally quit.

I ran upstairs to open all the windows on the second floor as well

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I ran upstairs to open all the windows on the second floor as well. The entire house reeked. I went back into my room to find my cell phone and as soon as I found it, my mom called me.

Oh great, I can't wait to tell her our house almost burned down!

I answered my phone and knew I'd have to tell her about the fire. But before I could tell her, she spoke first.

"Ev?" she called. "Sorry, can you hear me? It's so loud here."

"Mom!" I yelled into the phone. It sounded like she was at a rock concert it was so loud on the other end. "Mom, I can hear you. Where are you?"

"There's a lot of traffic, hold on." I could hear all sorts of commotion until she came back on the line. The background noise sounded a little quieter, but not by much. "Is that better?"

"I guess," I answered loudly.

"I was in a car accident, but I'm okay," she hollered.

"An accident? Oh my gosh, mom! What happened? Where are you?" I sounded frazzled.

"I'm fine. The car is wrecked, but I'm okay. I don't know what happened. My car just spun out! I went off the side of the road and thankfully didn't hit anyone. It's a miracle I'm not hurt. But the car is being towed, so I'm stuck here until your dad gets here to pick me up," she told me.

I couldn't tell her about the fire. I'd explain it when they both got home, but now just wasn't the time. "I'm glad you're not hurt! Be careful, mom, okay?"

She chuckled. "Yeah, I'll be careful. Kinda too late for that, but...Anyway, it'll take a while before Dad and I get home. There's some food in the fridge for dinner, okay? Just pop it in the oven for about twenty minutes or so."

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