Jalen Testerman

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May 30 2001 a baby boy was brought into our world named Jalen Testerman a father was very happy in having a baby boy.

Jalen he was watching a movie that his father brought called “You got served’’. You got served is a awesome movie for everyone who loves to dance, the movie has every type of movie that Jalen likes.

24 hrs. Later he began to copy all of the moves in the movie, his father insisted that to please stop doing that you could get hurt but Jalen still kept on trying until he perfect all of those moves. Jalen was also a fan of the dance Cr3w named “SUPER CR3W”, and then he began perfecting some new moves and even creating some on his own.

Jalen began Dancing in front of a live audience in his school to boost up his confidence ang showing everyone his talent, love and care for dancing, he also began entering in talent shows and he also dance for his family every single day of the week. When his father was taking a video of his son he posted that video in www.youtube.com and the producer of a event that every awesome dancer dance called World of Dance (WOD) That huge stage was jalen’s ticket in showing his talent. The producer called jalen’s father and ask him if he wanted his son to perform a dance piece in World of dance Seattle and his father said “YES”  then jalen heard the good news and made him very exited in performing in a huge live audience.  

Jalen TestermanBasahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!