Chapter Forty-Six

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Songs for this chapter are:

Recovery - Justin Bieber

Fix you - Vita Chambers


Justin's POV

I snuggled against the blankets, trying to keep myself warm. I reached for my phone on the night stand, pressing Brooke's contact.

"Hello?" Her voice was quiet and soft, instantly relaxing me.

"Hey kitten, how are you feeling?" I cooed.

She let out a breath through her nose. "I'm tired, lonely, sad, depressed and all that good stuff."

I lightly chuckled at her joke, "I wish I was there to keep you company."

"I think it's better how it is now." She mumbled, causing my heart to drop.

"Do you miss me?" I pressed, I sure as hell missed her.

"Of course I miss you." She replied honestly. "But I miss the old Justin. I don't miss the Justin that went out, got drunk, and cheated on me."

I bit my lip, "I'm still the same person." I haven't changed, it was a mistake. It wasn't even me that night, it was an angry man that wanted nothing more than to drink away his pain. But now I realize, Brooke could've easily taken away that pain.

Suddenly I realized just what a fucking idiot I truly am. Drinking, smoking, none of that compares to the relaxation Brooke gave me. Why didn't I listen to her. The damn love of my life stood in front of me, telling me that she loved me so much she would never even consider another man, and I went out and got drunk. God, I hate myself.

"I hope you are." She muttered.

"I love you," I whispered. My heart broke as the other end of the line remained silent.

Finally, Brooke spoke up. "Know that I do love you Justin. You've just broken my trust."

"I can gain it back." I said confidently. I got her trust once, I can do it again.

She laughed, "Maybe."

"I will, don't doubt me baby." I replied cheekily, a smile on my face. Even just talking to her over a cheap hunk of metal could make me smile.

"I'm cold," Brooke said randomly.

"Tell Dave to turn the heat up," I didn't want her to be uncomfortable.

"Dave already fell asleep."

"Are you trying to get me to come over there, or what?" I chuckled at our conversation. She was teasing me, she knew I could easily warm her up in the snap of my fingers.

"No," she giggled quietly. "I'll see you tomorrow morning."

"Wait!" I said frantically, "Don't hang up yet."

"I wasn't going to." Brooke said, sounding confused.

"Oh," I whispered, my cheeks turning hot. Thank god she couldn't see me.

"You know, when I was walking into Dave's house, this boy. . . tall, with jet black hair, he yelled 'Bieber's girl' a couple times. He was whistling and smiling, saying you've 'caught a nice one.'" Brooke explained the story quietly, as though she was embarrassed. I groaned, massaging my forehead with my free hand.

"Probably a member of the gang, have you seen him at meetings?" I asked hopefully.

"No, it was an unfamiliar face. Dave didn't see his face." Brooke said.

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