YouTube. Tumblr. Instagram. Twitter. Netflix, and repeat. That was basically my life, I spent my days in my room, with my laptop, scrolling through my various newsfeeds and watching videos. It was good life, simple and antisocial, but good. I honestly used to not be able to remember the last time I ventured into the outside world, but I didn't really care, I liked my bed better than anything out there anyway.

Okay, in all honesty my life is kind of pathetic, or at least it was. All I ever did was stalk and fangirl, which was enjoyable, but I wanted something more. I wanted to keep my same old routine, but I also wanted to do more with my life. I didn't want to hide under my covers all day, I wanted to travel, to meet people and I wanted to make a difference, and entertain people. I wanted to share my life and experiences with the world around me, because I knew there would be people out there who could relate to me.

I've watched dozens of YouTubers do all the things I've dreamed of. Ever since I first got into YouTube I wanted to be a part of the community, I wanted to entertain and do all the things all YouTube big shots got to do. So, one day I did. I picked up my camera, and without a thought I had filmed my first video and had posted it.

My first video was terrible, it was just an introduction to my channel, but as soon as I had uploaded it, I felt accomplished, and I wanted to, no, I needed to film more, so I did. For the first view months I had only a handful of subscribers, but it wasn't bad, it was kind of nice, a lot of good came from those months. I felt close to my subscribers, and in that time I met my first YouTube friend, Torie. She was the first person I collabed with, and with our first collaboration, I was greeted with hundreds of new followers.

We both began to get more comments, likes and subscribers with every video we filmed together, people liked us the most when we did collaborations, so we continued to do it. Torie and I never would have become as close as we are today if it wasn't for that first video. The same can be said for some of my other friends, if I had never posted a video I wouldn't have met some of the amazing people I call my friends today.

It was kind of insane, how the two of us became so successful so fast. Within a few months we had tens of thousands of subscribers, which may seem meager compared to the people in the big leagues, but to us it was crazy. I swear, we would both only have a few thousand subscribers if we never met. Our videos were so much better when we were together. We brought out the crazy in each other, and let me tell you it is quality entertainment

Torie and I have come a long way from when we first started. It seems like just yesterday we had a hundred subscribers, now we're half way to a million. It's still unreal to me. I never imagined I'd come this far, and now look where I am.


Soooooo this is my first Danisnotonfire fanfiction. Just a warning the first chapters will be super boring, but I promise it gets better later on. Hope you guys decide to keep reading :-)

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